Dreaming of World Peace

The Dream shared by the Elders of communities
and by the children of all the races and creeds of Man.
It begins with each of us finding our own Inner Peace

If I forget thee .. oh Earth

The Universal Dream of Global Peace and Harmony exists in the Universal Heart. This Vision of non violence is shared by all, by East, by West, by White, by Black, by Brown and by Yellow.

The Universal Vision for a non violent future

A new nation born unto the earth, a nation that is non violent, free. A nation of peoples that are not dependant on the past for encoded behaviour but one that is free from the constraints that tie its people into the past patterns of life.

Even a stone carries memories.
There are two levels or dimensions of unconscious consciousness.
One is the SupraConscious or the "collective mind" which exists in the "ethers" which surrounds us.
The other is the "collective body-mind" of the physical plane on which we walk.

As above .. so below. Most do not see the mirror - the "other side of the coin"

Father God - Mother Earth external to the human body

Through the worship and exaltation of an external Patriarchal God, Western religion has rendered Female cursed and with her, the planetary Mother on which we walk.

Bearing the curse of banishing male from the Garden. Her offspring bear the mark of her 'Original Sin.'  What an unbearable legacy .. damned from the start.

From religious imagery, doctrine and dogma, The Female ideal is totally unattainable. A Virgin. Immaculately impregnated by an Angel. Giving birth but still 'virgin'.

The unconscious reflection from the doctrine is that Female can never attain such status. She bears the burden of being both the Devil's spawn and Mother of the Son of God. A child who was born to 'save' us from our 'sins' .. but became the ultimate sacrifice.

A dichotomy of gargantuan proportions .. creating a total split in the genetic psyche of females and their offspring .. twisting the DNA and suppressing genetic memory. Unconscious Victim Not safe to be a female in a female body and not safe to remember.

The Denigration of Mother

As female was denigrated, so was her Mirror - the ultimate Mother of all her children .. the protector of Innocents .. Mother Earth. The wellspring of life on this lonely planet has been bastardised.

The essence of Mother Earth attempted to be owned because with ownership came power - Earthly power. Power over body and soul of sentient beings on one small planet. Power to a few .. misery to generations.

In the early days, by decree all lands not occupied by the Roman Church were heathen .. God did not exist there. Billions of lives were sacrificed in the name of Real Estate and ownership of Mother. Wars fought, bloody campaigns raged against the so called 'Infidel' .. but just who was the real enemy?

The memories and atrocities soaked into Mother's soil and streams, left visible scars on her 'body' .. and ghosts of screaming memories. Forget the next life. Corporate control reigned supreme in this life.

Mother is dying.

Mother Earth's DNA .. the delicate web of life became reflected in the bodies of her beloved children, damaged and poisoned. Children dependent on Mother for survival. Children who have forgotten or lost respect for their primary Nurturer.

If there was no planet would God really matter? Inner Peace certainly wouldn't!

The life blood of Mother is fetid. Polluted by the leaching from the bones of the dead .. of the tears, the grief, the fears that were trapped in the bodies and released into her soil after Death. Poisoning the life support system of Mother .. the land we walk on and the water we drink.

Slow release poison of the emotion and knowing that was denied in life in the bodies of the ancestors because survival depended on it .. released after Death .. creating a slow cancer in Mother Earth.

A history of violence .. man pitted against fellow man from even before the Christian era. The cancer is rampant. Mother is dying. She bears the grief of those who lost their souls in search for Self and paid the ultimate price.

Mother is dying from religions attempting to own the spirit of its children .. creating fear of death and retribution in the next life.

The death throes of Mother echo in the cries of her children. Drug addicts know the 'Trip' doesn't take away the pain. Mother Earth has been sentenced to death .. and her children are the Judge, Jury and Executioner.

The essence of Mother made irrevocably evil by those who seek control of her children. The consciousness of her children has been devastated by a long plague of doctrine and dogma fed into the bodies who dare not speak their truth.

One small planet is crying. Will her children hear her?

The belief of 'lack' in the bodies of so many .. reflected in greater Mother .. species disappearing, wild storms, floods .. reflections of inner turmoil a symbiotic relationship between Mother and child.

Mother's tears are streams of blood. The vilification of female .. the same for Mother Earth. Ownership of Soul has suffocated the lifeforce of the Planet.

How can Creation and the ability to create life be owned? Who would presume to do so? Men in frocks - hiding their sexuality.

Ownership of lifeforce has stamped evil on those who dare to speak out. The mark of Cain is suffocating one small planet. The judgement placed on Female and her offspring - both Male and Female is the same judgement placed on Mother Earth. When will Human become Kind and find its Inner Peace

As above .. so below. Will the ashes of Mother be the only remnants of the funeral pyre of our own making ..

Armageddon is alive and well in the 22nd Century

There will never be "Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards men" until the vibrations of past trauma are recognised as existing within the unconscious consciousness of the Planetary Mother .. and healed. Her rivers of human blood feed the energetic environment - the womb for the perpetuation, rekindling and mutation of all of the memories stored in the DNA of every species.

"If I forget thee, oh Earth .."

Fiona Tulk

When will Human become Kind and find its Inner Peace


If I forget thee, Oh Earth - The Universal Vision for Inner Peace and a non-violent future