Promethian Flame

The concept of Virgin and Virginity is a metaphor for a truth that has its origins deep within the genetic archetypes of Male, Female, Religion and Spirituality and goes back to the distant memories of creation itself.

Virgins and Virginity - Exploring the myths

The use of the words Virgin, Virginity and Virginal
implies purity of soul, intent, purpose, spirit, essence, innocence ...


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· Survival
· Memories in the body cells
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· The Promethian Flame

The Purity of Innocence

Why is it that so called scriptural teachers within Western Society automatically associate the sexual connotation with the word virgin .. and make issue where there is none ... to use sexuality as a means of emotional and spiritual blackmail.

Pagan origins

Within Western Spirituality, there has been a transference of the unconscious memories of Pagan ritual into the structure and format of both the society and religion of the time .. including the 20th century. Each society, each culture, each religion has added its own bit of colour, "ploughed the field" in its own way, deepening the rut.

Back in Pagan times, the Virgin (both male and female child) was the sacrifice made to the Gods .. a blood sacrifice .. often by both the male and female priesthood ..

This can, of course, cause a rise in fear and distrust of the priesthood leading to a transference of power to the priesthood which further uses this emotive response as a threat .. and the basis of emotional blackmail based on the concept of "God" as being something external and greater than self to which "we are answerable" and which we must "obey" .. and to which we have become behaviourally conditioned to become a sacrifice to. Salvation comes only through the good will of another person.

The blackmail of religious archetypes

Therefore, the male or female practices obedience to this deity and seeks the approval and acceptance of the one perceived to be the priest or priestess as a means of ensuring survival, thinking (unconsciously) that if priest/priestess is put on a pedestal and everything is performed to please, then survival is ensured.

This is then transferred initially in most male-female relationships in the early part of that relationship .. where the basis for that relationship is initially one of sharing the male and female expressions of innocence (love) until the Matriarch and Patriarch archetypes rise up, often in response to remembering triggered by the birth of a child when the survival male-female codependency is unconsciously triggered from times past.

The archetypes of Patriarch and Matriarch are modern societies version of the Priest and Priestess and gain their incumbent power from the deep unconscious survival fear remembered. The mirrors or reflections of the male and female virgin


This survival concept goes deeper than the "spiritual ritual" back to the time when the female was dependant on the male for the survival of the species. There was a time when the male was the one who took the child from birth and raised it, the male having the breasts. Mother died to give birth to the child and even now, the onset of many third trimester pregnancy complications is a remembering of this. Many females, even now, feel that birth is death .. hence post natal depression as ancient memories surface.

With the evolution of consciousness, the focus of the mind and the deeper understanding of women as to their role coupled with the manipulation by spiritual priests and teachers led to the rise of resentment within the female who started to see her position threatened as male took away from her what she perceived as her reason for being. Thus female becomes more (unconsciously) resentful of male and more hypocritical in her following of external spirituality whilst maintaining the rightness of the priest or teacher, out of unconscious fear remembered, to ensure her status within the "pecking order".

Recordings in the cells of the body

To understand this further, it is necessary to go further back in memory to those memories of when the DNA was one of (secondly - "from one came two") androgyne and before that, to when the human DNA cell memory was of an a-sexual being capable of reproducing itself without a partner .. the original concept of virginity.

Throughout the ages, there have been various interpretations of this concept placed, by the society and the spiritual teachers of the time .. and the use of words without going back to the origins of the myth (which are, incidentally repeated in all cultures using different metaphors) has resulted in the current misunderstandings, which are still played on by the "priesthood" to control the population.

The distrust between male and female can be, to a large extent, the partial re-membering of the ancient distrust of the priesthood by the victim virgin


The seeking of the approval of the male or female partner in relationships is the transferrance of survival-salvation complex. The attitudes of obesience and/or rebellion of a child to the authority of parent or teacher comes from which ever remembering has been awakened in utero.

The "virgin complex" is the dim remembering of the time of the asexual being which has been distorted by the myths and legends created by priests and priestesses who, in their times, were the only ones with access to the books, the records and the knowledge.

There is also a guilt within female from the deep unconscious remembering of the original autosomes before their split into X and Y, the remembering that a partner was not necessary for the reproduction of the species.

With the "light at the end of the tunnel", the light seen at death, comes the remembering of the energy released by the penetration of the ovum by the sperm. Along with this can be a deep unconscious remembering of the time when this was not how it was and so, for many now, conception is seen as the result of rape of the mtDNA sheath by the male chromosomes and shrouded in deep unconscious self judgement, guilt, grief and regret.

The desire of the species to reproduce sexually is the unconscious impetus to remembering and the birth of the innocent child is shrouded in the concept of original sin - the forgetting of a-sexual reproduction of virgin innocence. And so begins Man's eternal search for Truth .. a new incarnation, generation after generation trying to read the words of the Living Book ...the keys to which have become lost in the mists of memory.

Male and Female

The power of female over male based on the (created) need of the female to jealously guard the "creation" part of the remembering has seen the further degradation of the Y chromosome and the creation of the mtDNA which surrounds "the female's own self created importance".

The use of the term Virgin and Virginity is a corruption .. and priesthood, male and female has used the survival memories and claims of a "greater knowing" in an effort to control the general people (by keeping the "knowledge" to them selves and feeding it out in the form of "teachings" to create a "superior race" ..or a "city of light" ..)
the product of this we now see in the ego based claims of those spiritualities, religions and teachers who claim that "theirs" is the only true "way", theirs is the "only true God".top

The Promethian Flame

The second coming so eagerly awaited by so many, looking for a saviour outside of self, is, in essence, the rising of the consciousness of the "Christ", the "King of Heaven" from underneath the ashes of past religion very much like the Phoenix rising .. and another metaphor ..

The Promethean flame is the Kundalini which restores the purity (or the virginity) of the body.

This cannot be taught, but arises solely from within.

The Anti Christ is any person or institution who stands between the truth of species-hood and itself and, in their need for a Saviour (stemming from the long line of Spirituality and religion) humanity creates an antichrist as a thought form with every outside projection of that need, whether it be on another male, female, teacher, Guru religion.

Totally the species forgetting, that what we are looking for, we already are, but have forgotten.

And only we, each individual you or I can find it.. and not through taking on the "word - symbols" any other person which are, by necessity, a corruption through their own personal perceptual filters of an individual experience based on learned meanings of words.

These are memories which have come from my body, expressed in words that I have learned, and are but one Plain Man's humble attempt at paraphrasing into 21st century English, what has been written and spoken of so many times before, in so many languages, within so many cultural distortions over such a long time ..

The Truth, beyond words, the truth contained in the space between the words shall set you free! This is the metaphor of "The Christ" .. merging of the alpha and the omega.

Reading the definition of the adjective "Virgin" ..   (from Meriam Webster)

Main Entry: virgin Function: adjective Date: 14th century 1 : free of impurity or stain : UNSULLIED 2 : CHASTE 3 : characteristic of or befitting a virgin : MODEST 4 : FRESH, UNSPOILED; specifically : not altered by human activity <a virgin forest> 5 a (1) : being used or worked for the first time (2) of a metal : produced directly from ore by primary smelting b : INITIAL, FIRST 6 of a vegetable oil : obtained from the first light pressing and without heating

Virgins and Virginity

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Virgins and Virginity - Exploring some of the myths


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