The Great Uncertainty

The fear of death and dying, The Great Uncertainty, is the greatest obstacle to personal liberation as it deepens the divide between body and consciousness.

On Death and Dying

How do we know what happens after death?
Has anyone actually come back from the grave
and told us with any authority what happened?

The Great Uncertainty

The Spiritual and Religious texts are full of myths and paradigms as to what happens. The teachers and Gurus lead us by the nose throughout our lives
because of the greatest uncertainty of all - what happens during the dying process - and at the death - from which we seek Salvation.

It is the fear of death which is ultimately behind the Spiritual and Religious search for some Self-sense of Immortality -

Some seek Salvation in a utopic Heaven or Shamballah to the point of selling our Souls in penance to avoid the depths of Hades - or even worse, Purgatory .. suspension in Uncertainty.

Almost everyone has their own particular version of the "Great Myth" which they will rigorously defend rather than face their own inner "Great Uncertainty."  (and, in the course of my life, I've heard most of them)

Our survival instinct rooted in our fear of Death has become the greatest underlying motivator for all thought and action - hope, need and desire. For some, it is this uncertainty which is behind all inaction - the fear of "What's the point" ..

Yet, even the Buddha, when closely questioned as to what happens after death, refused to be drawn into giving an answer.

Western Spirituality bases its beliefs on passages from the bible concerning the experiences of the one we call Jesus - and even holds this experience up as a reward which we can earn through striving in servitude throughout our earthly lives.

Some even write from personal Near Death Experiences and think they know what it is like after Death .. and even though their experience is very real to them, it is translated through the language of their own preconceptions - their ideas of what it should be like, based on their own (conscious or unconscious) religious beliefs. The NDE, for the most part, is NOT an experience of dying, but the experience of the shock of being separated from the body by accident.

It is an experience of "Death" in the physical sense as the cessation of Life - but it is not the experience of a choice of overcoming the great uncertainty and allowing the experience of an ending of the separation between life and death.

Until this conscious choice can be made, the cycle of death-rebirth still pervades in the individual consciousness.

The fear of death - the final "Great Uncertainty" is that which separates the individual from the collective consciousness and keeps our mind divided into conscious and unconscious. Even the use of the word "Death" as in "dying to the past" is something which awakens a great fear in the "Spiritual Disciple" and initiate.

So much so that some even use terms such as "Awakened" - or "Awakening" - "Enlightenment" or "Self Realisation" to avoid facing the "Great Uncertainty".

A new born child should have reasonable strong recollections of what happens in the period between death and birth. But, then, as we grow up, we are put under the pressures of religion and society by parents and peers who are themselves afraid of the mirror of their own mortality.

The original impressions become faded in the unconscious - except for sudden glimpses which may come in our dreams - or in meditation - and then our conditioned reality of the tangible framework of "living in this world" makes us so suspicious of the experience that we treat it as some sort of bad joke - or dismiss it altogether -

so recreating another cycle of the Great Uncertainty
and an even greater obstacle to personal liberation
as we deepen the divide between body and consciousness.

Death and Dying

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Death and Dying - The Great Uncertainty, an obstacle to personal liberation


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