The Keys of Knowledge

Plain English keys to the ancient knowledge and wisdom 
of all spiritual traditions

The Keys of Wisdom and Knowledge

Knowledge is acquired through the learning process. 
is the ability to apply this knowledge through experience, without having to think about what you are doing.

From within the silence and stillness of the mind and body comes the remembering. Within the remembering of the core of knowledge, past learned, lies the inherent knowing of the body stored as experience. This is the source of spiritual wisdom. Beyond that lies the Absolute.

Insights from the Silence

There is a difference between Wisdom and Knowledge. There are many who are book-learned, who have attended courses, who have searched for an understanding of Life, Religious Philosophy, Spirituality and the relationship between these.

Just because we have been taught something or read it in a book somewhere does not mean that what we have acquired as knowledge can be put into practical application. It is only when the words are alive within us that we can explain and interpret without repeating or quoting the words of often long dead authors like a parrot.

People spend their whole lives searching for knowledge
in attempt to gain wisdom .. to understand Why ..?
   to understand the meaning of their incarnation.

Inherent, in the silence beyond the chatter of the mind, from the remembering, if allowed, come the original vibrations of ancient spiritual wisdom. These are the Keys of Kknowledge within the core, the genetic memory records of the body stored in the DNA. These same Keys of Knowledge can also be found in the past life records of the soul, stored in what some call Akasha.

The Keys of Knowledge and Wisdom lie in the true Silence, beyond the mind that thinks it knows, in the realms of Brahmin, Atman and Non-duality. It is the individual mind who has create the duality of words from a knowing which is not knowledge based.

In this section, Fiona and I will attempt to translate, explain and interpret, in our plain English words some of the collective remembering contained in the Keys of Knowledge.

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The Keys of Knowledge and Wisdom - Spiritual Insights from the Silence
The Knowledge and Wisdom Notebook

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The Keys to Spiritual Knowledge and Wisdom - Insights from the Silence


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