Creation from the Silence

The dream, the dreamer and the dreaming as one
awake to consciousness aware of its self as consciousness

Still Point

Each step of the spiritual path is a still point, each step taken in silence. Only when you do reach the top of the mountain, your creation will be seen in the magnificence it is.

Yet, there are common misconception about many terms used on the spiritual paths ..


· The midpoint of the swing
· The Beating Heart
· The Path

The Crucible

Still Point .. Mid Point .. Silence .. Void .. No thing .. Nothing. The English language finds limitations because most have a preconception of the terms meaning no movement .. again, these terms are the closest single word translations of terms used in other languages. ..

The Dance of Consciousness moves in cycles between two points. I call these two points the no-thing (for want of a better word)


As the "no-thing" becomes separate from "absolute", "Brahman", "Atman" or any other name that has been used to describe "Absolute Truth", we move from "one" to "two" which can be seen as two ends of a line or as "the top" and "the bottom" of the curve of a cycle.

So there are two "no-thing"s both of which are points of potential.. the "no-thing" which is full ... and the "no-thing" which is empty.

All life flows between these two points. The amount of life that can be experienced is totally dependent on the amount of life which you are prepared to let go of. As in breathing, you can only breathe in as much fresh air as you are prepared to empty your lungs of stale air.

Each thought, each feeling, each emotion, can, in this context, be seen simply as the movement of breath in and out of the body.

The non-judgemental state, the state of non - attachment I call "Innocence".

These two points of silence or stillness could best be described as "a perfectly ecologically and harmoniously balanced dynamic system"

The midpoint of a pendulum swing

At the mid point of a pendulum swing, where it appears still to the naked eye, it can be shown that there are forces acting on the pendulum .. that the pendulum is still in motion .. but to the naked eye it appears still. The forces acting on it are in balance.

What to some may appear as a frightening silence is in fact, when the still point is found within the individual, actually deafening. The still point is not asleep, or unconscious or comatose or dead. If you find a point of absolute silence, you are unconscious (or brain dead)

For an individual who can find the still point within self, the sound of the blood rushing through the blood vessels can be quite noisy. So can the fundamental harmonic of the human body be heard as "OM" .. a multitude of harmonically related sounds with the fundamental frequency of the resting heart beat .. the shruti ..

The Beating Heart

For some, the experience of the body as a beating heart can be quite scary .. the first time I went into that space I pulled myself back real hard out of a fear that I was not breathing .. because I could not hear that. Later, as I overcame my own fears of the Silence, I was able to shift my awareness to a single point of perception .. eg the single heart beat .. or shift it so that only the seventh became conscious .. or open my awareness so that I could hear the orchestration of all of the sounds of the body cacophony.

Within the still point, one can hear the sound of a flower opening in the early morning or the sound of a snowflake melting. That is the still point. One can also be aware of the rotation of the earth .. as a sense, a feeling experienced with the eyes shut.

Within the still point, one can stand in a crowded supermarket and not only be aware of all of the thoughts, feelings and emotions of everyone there, but also the vibrations of everyone who has handled a particular package. But, because one is in the still point, these thoughts, feelings and emotions have no effect.

The still point is the place where one embraces all but is not moved by any. Where every cell of the body has eyes and ears .. and you find the dynamic stillness.

The noise of the individual heartbeat can be louder than the roar of the crowd. You have a choice.

The Path

Perhaps it can be likened to walking along a track at the bottom of a mountain, and trying to imagine what the view would be like from the top of the mountain. The travel brochures paint a picture which often disappoints in reality .. unless you can find the camera angle and perspective from which the picture was taken.

You can only appreciate the path, and the scenery in its totality when you have found the point on the summit of the mountain .. the still point when everything appears in its full balanced perspective.

And, no, you might not be able to see the small insects .. or the individual flowers which were along the path you have walked .. but because you have walked the path, you know that they are there.

Of course, you may not have been able to see them as you walked the path .. because you had an attachment to reaching the top of the mountain. It is unfortunate that, because of that attachment and what you missed because of it, you never will understand the view in the fullness of its magnificence.

Each step of the path is a still point, each step taken in silence. Then, when you do reach the top of the mountain, your creation will be seen in the magnificence it is.

Only then will you understand the nature of your soul ..

Still point .. the crucible ..
The dream, the dreamer and the dreaming as one
awake to consciousness aware of its own consciousness

Still point - The Crucible of the Void

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Still Point - The Spiritual Crucible of Creation


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