The Mind of God

As a child, we have all experienced the Absolute Mind of Mindlessness, Atman, Brahmin, or the Mind of God. Yet, when we were in that space, we were brought back by our parents who taught that this was time wasting day dreaming.

Absolute Mindlessness

The mind's perception of one's Divinity is an ego trip


· Awareness and Bliss
· Seeking "The Divine"
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Being in the "Mind of God"

Have you ever been sitting quietly somewhere and suddenly come back to the realisation that time has passed and you don't know where you've been ..?

Nor have you any idea of what went on in that time .. ?
Nor were you aware of your own breath nor your own heartbeat ...
Yet you were fully awake and conscious ... not asleep nor unconscious ...

This is the Absolute .. this is the spinning stillness of the void/vastness/no-thing .. the experience of the "mind of God".

It is beyond the experience of OM ..
because OM is the echo of the first manifestation

Awareness and Bliss

For there to be Awareness, pure or otherwise, there has to be a separation .. something has to be aware of .. there has to be a subject and object .. the entity who is aware and the thing that one is aware of. ..

Similarly, for there to be the experience of Bliss, there has to be a separation .. the observer, the act of observation and that which is observed.

You can never say "I have experienced pure bliss" or "I have experienced pure awareness", because such statements imply observation comparison and interpretation .. based on a learned belief or conditioned response which occupies both time and space.

That which is sometimes misnamed "awareness" or "bliss" is a consciousness NOT aware of itself .. in other words, it is beyond time and space and interpretation.

It is a state of "NO THING" ..
for to be aware of any "THING" requires a separation ..

Seeking "The Divine"

To label something as "Divine" or otherwise implies a comparison of less than and greater than so to be aware of one's self as divine is to separate that part from the rest.

"Divine" cannot be separated from "not divine" except in your mind .. and the point of the separation is relative to your mind's understanding or interpretation of what may or may not be "Divine"

Therefore, one's Divine-ness (or Divinity) is an ego trip.

It is the teaching of some sort of ideology .. these concepts of "Divine Awareness", "Bliss" etc are something to be sought .. that causes the Western mind to start seeking ..

because some "ideal" is painted which has got to be better than that which the seeker is presently experiencing .. otherwise the seeker would not be bothered seeking.

Beyond Duality

The Consciousness of Atman .. Brahman .. the Mind of God .. whatever name you want to describe it is the consciousness of the undifferentiated no thing ..

I know that I have been in that space and that I have walked between these worlds .. but I can NEVER say that I have experienced these states .. who is the I who experienced them.

What I can say that I have experienced is an awareness which is so pure that there is no interpretation placed .. and there is no lasting sensual impression or feeling ..

This is taught in the Tao .. which describes the art of "looking at nothing and seeing everything" "listening to nothing and hearing everything"

The point of this exercise being that the moment attention becomes fixed on any point of time or space, consciousness changes from 5D to 3D awareness ..


Descending into Brahman, Atman, the Void, the Absolute .. is the next level of the conscious mind holding on to some idea of its identity as separate .. there is no-thing to see and no-thing to hear.

It is an accepting .. and a letting go of control .. it is not surrender in the truest sense of the word because there is NO-THING to surrender to

and thus it cannot be sought.

This is moving beyond duality.

Anything in duality can be called illusion, because its experience is a subjective comparison dependant on observation comparison and interpretation .. based on a learned belief or conditioned response which occupies both time and space.

Beyond duality lies the silence.

For "My God is greater than your God" read
"My Ego is greater than your Ego"

Absolute Mind of Mindlessness - The Mind of God

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Absolute Mindlessness - Being in the Mind of God


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