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the notebooks - an overview

listed on this page is a brief description of each of the major notebooks into which this site is divided. each link will take you to a portal for that notebook.

 About You, this site and us - The Power of Choice
All of the personal development and therapy counseling programs I have undertaken and facilitated is about people having the choice to develop personal insights and values from their own inner wisdom, not what someone else has experienced, or from quoting other people's beliefs.

 The Keys of Wisdom and Knowledge
Beyond the Silence - Knowledge is acquired through the learning process. Wisdom is the ability to apply this knowledge through experience, without having to think about what you are doing

 The Autobiography of a Plain Man
Christopher's Story The Human Body is the microcosm of the macrocosm. There is more wisdom in a tree before it is cut down, processed into paper and covered with the written word. So it is with a child - it was for me, for the people who have walked with me and, may I respectfully suggest, so it is for you also

 Essays from my Consciousness
Fiona's Story is a journal of Fiona's processing notes as she worked through some of the Lifestreams Transpersonal Consciousness Programs. These are their expression of the memories and emotions coming up from the holding patterns encoded within her body

 The Notebook on the emergence of a plain man  There is no structure to the random words that I express ... some come from thought ... some fly out of the spinning stillness that is the void/vastness ... some are prompted by comments raised on my own discussion list ... others come from my interactions within groups of people.

 Health, Therapy and Life Skills
Health and Healing Within you lies the responsibility for your healing. You are, within your whole body, your own therapist, the subject of your own therapy and your own therapeutic process.

 Therapy and Support
Therapy - Every form of therapy is valid. However, to evolve further, it is important to realize that 'therapy' is limited by the 'box' that has been placed around it and by the commitment of the therapist you have chosen to their own personal growth.

 A Paradigm of Consciousness
The Essence. The play begins with the constructs, beliefs, memories, supporting beliefs we have about life. We can change beliefs but must also change their unconscious supporting beliefs and the cellular memory - which is their source.

 The Transpersonal
Transpersonal You, in your own unique expression of consciousness, are a Spiritual Being. Without your recognition of your Transpersonal nature, you are denying the definition of your existence

 Spirit and Spirituality
Spirituality is not something that is provided ... or learned ... or earned. 'Spirituality' is the essence of your beingness ... beyond everything you have been told you should believe and what you 'should do', 'should not do' or 'should become'.

 Tantra - The Sacred Weaving
Tantra, perhaps the most popular and yet most misunderstood of yogic teachings today is a vast ocean of ancient wisdom for enlightening the mind and the body. Tantra is not merely sex, with which most Westerners identify Tantric Yoga, but an entire science of communion within the Self

 Kundalini - One Energy Expressing
True Kundalini cannot be taught or learned. The experiences some call Kundalini are symptoms - of your remembering of the truth of you - as your life force synergy moves through the body clearing the holding patterns of the memories, beliefs and conditioning that see your body in the form it is

 Hearing the Children
For each of us, deep inside, there is a child who has not been heard, a child who has been made wrong, a child who has had to go it alone, a child who has been denied, a child who has been brought up by "The Book", a child who has not had the opportunity to share with the elders of the tribe .... would you wish this on the children of the future?

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