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It is a puzzling thing .. TRUTH knocks on the door, and you say, 
"Go away, I'm looking for the truth," and so it goes away.

Truth - as it is Written and Spoken

TRUTH was, is Now and, forever will be .. Every-thing .. and No-thing.

In any one given moment, each can only know and express one partial aspect of Truth .. but, from what thought comes the thinker who thinks he knows?

Perception and Preconception

Any person (myself included) who is serious about an understanding of the nature of personal perception of the "truth" must allow that, through feedback, life experience and personal interaction with others, various mirrors are presented which can allow the personal belief structure of Truth to change.

As the reflections in the mirror are cleared away, so a greater perspective can be achieved - and the point of perception moves away from the close focus to see the bigger picture and the walls of the tunnel fade away.

For example .. if you look at your immediate surroundings, you will have a preconception, belief or idea from the point of perception where you are now relative to your experience. Now, if you get into a helicopter and go straight up, the spot you were stAnding in takes on a whole new perspective as the view allows you to see how this spot fits in and interacts with the surrounding countryside.

In the preceding paragraph, I deliberately typed a "capital A" in the word standing. On its own, it has a shape, colour, vibration, meaning and pronunciation. In the context of the letters around it, all of these change. In the context of the whole word, the phonetic of A changes (or evolves) even further.

But, as you look at how that word fits in with the words each side of "standing", further colours and shades are added to the "vibration". Then, there is further meaning in the context - firstly of the sentence .. then the paragraph.


The energy of the writer is contained in the white space between the words. Where the writer has only a small part of the "bigger picture", this is reflected in the writing.

I know that from my experience that, as my understanding of the interplay of the subjects in the field grows and, as my own grasp of expression grows and, as my own personal "limiting belief" structure falls away, so there are different ways of expression which present an ever increasing understanding of the "matrix" or "Unified Field" that is the Continuum of Truth. This is reflected in both the style of my writing and in my choice of words.

This applies to almost all philosophical (or spiritual) writers and teachers. In following any author or teacher, it must be understood by the serious student that the written or spoken word is the author's expression in the moment from a specific and limited point of perception - as seen through the preconditioning filters of the moment of both the author/teacher and the student. In some cases, the author/teacher does not have the words of expression; equally, the student may not have moved to an experiential point of perspective where the author's words can be understood in context.

It is one thing to read a map or watch a travel video. It is another to walk the track, feel the ground under your feet, smell and taste the atmosphere .. and all of these perceptions can change according to the weather, the season of the year, the influences of your travelling companions .. and what you had for breakfast.

The Absolute Point of Truth Atman - Centre of Absolute Truth

The Qaballah has, hidden in it, some very wise words of truth. We are influenced by the energies of many directions at the same time. We could look at 6 as an example .. up<>down, left<>right and forward<>backward.

All of these intersect in a centre or "zero point" which lies deep inside us as the source of our own creation.

In our "human" understanding, we are only free to move from our fixation as far as the pendulum string will allow us to swing. The further we position our reference in any direction, the further the fulcrum of the pendulum moves along that axis.

Thus, it is not until we find the fulcrum in our own personal "zero point" or "centre" that the string becomes infinite .. and the pendulum can swing infinitely in any direction.

In this "zero-point" lies the consciousness of the "stem cell" (which we also have as adults) as the starting point of every cellular regeneration that takes place within the confines of the ever narrowing perceptions that the mind places on it - and this is the aging process. Our overall personal "zero point" started the moment the sperm entered the egg resulting in our physical conception.

The Christ, Melchazedek, Budda, Krishna, Enlightenment Consciousness is the consciousness of the "adult stem cell" and the "Breath of God", "YAHWEH", "Kundalini", "Chi", "Ki", "n'um", "Holy Spirit" .. by whatever name you want to all it.

From within this "Point of Infinite Truth" - known by modern medical science as the "stem cell" - known throughout Spiritual Mysticism as the "Base Chakra" - rises the energy of Life Itself  - the inner "Whole-E Spirit" - the Truth of who we are - the infinitely small microcosm (or drop) or the macrocosm (ocean).

The Truth of Experience

Our personal bias is constructed from past experience. Even definitions of words come under necessary requirements for simply telling the Truth .. such as the word Experience.

The definition of the term experience covers much more than that most first assume it to infold. The term experience has just that, terms of involvement which describe by cause, effect, emotions, assimilations and objections of the cumulative data received through the cumulative discoveries established through all time up to the present.

There can also be future beliefs that haven't yet unfolded in consciousness but by an unconscious cognition of their existence (unconscious preconception) they cause a bias in one's present condition and therefore is still an experience .. for example empathising with a character in a story that accomplishes things that one's own self hasn't.

The Ego comes in when one seeks to set an ordering of experience into logical and rational mentalities so that growth in concepts can be found in the conflicts of definitions that are given to these "named" mentalities which Psychology tries to define within the Trinity of Ego, Id and SuperEgo. So arises a plenitude of personalities - each seeking a defence point for their existence and justification for their character.

Words, Language Linguistics and Semantics.

A word is a multidimensional vibration or sound which has a very personal meaning or bias ascribed to it.

Not only are there differing definitions and usage to be found within culture and tradition, but the personal bias can include one's first experience of hearing or reading the word, the context in which it was used, the energy of the person who taught the meaning of the word to you, your emotional reaction and response to that person and your emotional relationship to him or her.

All of these perceptual filters lie below the surface of the thinking mind, governing your kinaesthetic reactions - how your body first responds to every word you hear or read and, the person who uses them.

The same can be said of your own expression and the mirrors you receive from all those with whom you interact - including the inner responses from the multiple personalities which make up the you you are trying to define ..

Insistence (getting "hung up") on one perception or point of reference is a prejudice which only serves to support a personal neurosis and unwillingness to look beyond a position you are trying to justify or defend. Our personal emotional (and understanding) response to such an expression of "truth" is where the perceiver is in the moment of hearing or reading.

The "self-righteous" who claim a mandate on Truth not only do a disservice to those who read what they write, but also deny any possibility of evolving revelations for themselves - preferring instead to stay trapped in the most suitable mirror which blocks out that particular aspect of their own personal "darkness".

There are as many possible "truthful" expressions of experience as there are points in the diagram above. The only common point is the Centre, beyond expression, beyond being and non-being.

It is not a point of balance. It is a "black hole" - the No-thing and Every-thing - the meeting point for the interpenetration of all pairs of opposites. Genesis .. and .. Atman

"In the beginning was the word"

Truth - as it is Written and Spoken
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