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Options in Transpersonal Counseling and Therapy

Every form of Transpersonal Counseling and Therapy is valid. However, to evolve further, it is important to realize how the therapeutic process you have chosen is limited by the label or definition placed around it .. and by the commitment of the therapist you have chosen to their own personal growth.

Transpersonal Therapy can reinforce the program that you do not have a choice as to your well-being .. by creating a co-dependent relationship between the client and the therapist.

What you think, what you feel, what you know, is very real to you .. and often in conflict with expectations placed on you and at variance with what you are told you should be doing, thinking, feeling or experiencing.

The greatest gift any teacher ever gave me was to tell me that he could not teach me Transpersonal therapy.

Transpersonal Therapy - a Metaphor

Just as the operation of your PC and, its responses to your demands and expectations, even to its ability to translate this web-site, depends on the integrity of 'hidden files' and 'data' in the operating platform written by unknown programmers, so your perception of the words written here will be based on your own unconscious programming and hidden memories from (as yet) unknown sources. These files, once you are aware of their existence and location, can be erased rather than "worked around".

Transpersonal refers to that part of you
which is beyond your present conscious awareness.

At the Transpersonal stage, we let go of our self-imposed personality boundaries and, through getting in touch with and understanding our (as yet) unconscious source we are able to cultivate our intuition, our healing power and gain control over our lives.

In order for you to make choices, it is first important for you to see that you have a choice, and then be able to see what some of the possibilities are.

By understanding the unconscious patterns and the sources of these patterns, you can learn
· why you are the person you have become,
· why you react to certain situations the way you do,
· what you can do about it
· how you can evolve personally and spiritually. 

You are not powerless. When you are able to see the source and the reason for whatever disease you believe you have, you will be able to change the program which has resulted in the belief from which you created your 'suffering'.

It is only by taking personal responsibility for yourself that you can create change. 

Therapyoften reinforces the program that you do not have a choice as to your well-being. But, once the unconscious programs that have you believe you are a victim are identified, you will then be able to see that you do have a choice. 

Depending on the experience and integrity of the therapist, through the therapeutic process itself (as you have experienced it) you may have given away your power of choice to the therapist for any number of reasons ..

That we do not have this power of choice is a belief held by many people .. and it can manifest in all kinds of life situations without us recognizing it.

It is possible to identify the relationship of physiological emotional stress patterns and destructive resonances and link them to specific patterns of myths and beliefs which are held in the unconscious body memory.

Fiona and I have learned that all of the tools and processes we have been taught have been just that. It was only by applying the tools to our selves that we were able to experience our own Transpersonal nature.

By being able to release our preconceptions of what has been formulated in the past by other therapists and therapeutic processes, we have learned more from the unwritten textbook of the human body than has ever been printed on paper.

The focus of our expression and that of the Transpersonal education, counseling and therapy programs we offer is to actively assist people to take full control of their own lives. It is, therefore, important that all sessions and programs be individually designed so that each can actively integrate new life skills and growing wisdom into daily life.

Transpersonal Transformation

  • You are the creator and unconscious destroyer of yourself and your own life experiences.

  • The responsibility for your healing lies solely within your own body remembering. 

The foundation of the Transpersonal Counseling, therapy and processing we facilitate comes from working with people rather than reading books. It has evolved from hearing, dispassionately and without preconception, what clients are telling us, rather than our telling them what the text books say they should be feeling.

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