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Case histories and some of my own realizations and experiences of working as a Transpersonal Therapist

The Notebooks of a Transpersonal Therapist

As a Transpersonal Therapist, each person brings to me, in their personal contribution to my life and work, a color, a flavor, the tastes and smells of their own unique background and upbringing. 

Because of this, each person has their own interpretation of words and language and their own reactions to what they read or hear from others.

Each also has their own unique cognitive understanding of the process of finding words and understanding for those experiences which come from the Transpersonal or Transcendental Self.

An Expression of Compassion

Some may have had religious experiences. Some may have faint remembering of Childhood Experiences. Some may have gone through some Life Changing Situation.

There are some others who have known nothing else than the apparent psychosis which has brought them to my door.

For most of us, when we have dared to speak of our Transpersonal space or experience, we have either been asked "How..?" or "Why ..?" or made very wrong, or ridiculed .. 

Even worse than that, many of us -  including those who call themselves Therapists - carry the scars of Physical and Mental abuse by those who, in their own narcissism, their own "Ego Masturbation" cannot allow the possibilities that they are not unique.

Others, who have not experienced the "Unknowable" or the Transpersonal Self, cannot understand why some have so much difficulty in accepting that which is beyond the cognitive.

Because of my own experiences, my work as a Transpersonal Therapist has provided me with an opportunity to walk many miles in other people's shoes. Even then, I cannot claim to have seen it all, but, because of my self understanding, I can experience compassion for all who choose to share a part of their journey with me.

I have often written to my discussion list about two things - Respect - and - finding a Common Language beyond the jargon of the various schools of Psychology and the Language of Spirituality and Religion.

The Notebooks of a Transpersonal Therapist contains some of the experiences and realizations I have had, some of the understandings that I have arrived at and, some experiences of some of the people I have worked with - including my partner Fiona.

"The Notebooks of a Transpersonal Therapist" was written, published and © by Transpersonal LifeStreams®, Tasmania, Australia. The URL's of this page are
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