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reality beyond the illusion of personality
Who is it that hopes and fears and feels ..
Who is Thy Self that thou wouldst know?

The Self and the Knower of the Self

If there is a Knower and a Self to be Known - who is the Self - Who is the Knower and through what filters of perception or preconceived ideas and beliefs would the observer observe the observed?

Beyond the Veils

Any belief or idea - no matter where it comes from,
if it is held on to, is a limitation.

A belief or idea - is something generated from some past pattern of observation, measured against other preconceived judgments which have been learned and then imprinted into the cells of the mind as filters of infinite possibilities.

Any belief or idea - is a deception of individualization, of ego.

Even the concept of Self is ego seeking identity in separation.

Apart from the Ego, there is NO Self.

The Knower is an Imprinted Sub-personality which obeys the rules of a game defined by some third personality.

Even that expression can only be found in the language of a proxy -
the language of pre-conceived beliefs and definitions.

Who is the Knower that would know this Cell-f from within Self?

Who had the thought - and who's idea are you thinking at this moment?

Now - the thought has you .. so where is your Cell-f ..

When the mind enters the Silence
the consciousness of the Innocent is accessed and then made real.

Beyond the language of Belief
and any preconceived ideas of who you are.

The need to Know the Self
is merely an attempt at the self-justification
of an archetype ..

a defense against the self judgment

of some previously held cell-f limiting program from the past.

Being and Unity is the return to the undifferentiated consciousness of the Stem Cell - the Onecell-f which is the source of Thy Cell-f before anyone had any ideas as to who you should become.


Now with the remembering, what is your possibility ..?
and what are the limitations to your achieving this possibility

It is only from within the silence of the mind that the voices of limitation from the past can be heard .. and whilst there is a single voice which needs to be heard above the silence, this is the voice of your limitation

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