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reality beyond the illusion of personality
Enlightenment is a cyclic thing - just like the Moon and the Sun,
No matter what you think you know - or have achieved ..
You will have never arrived anywhere.

The Cosmic Joke

Learning, Self Discovery and Evolution are fractal things - ever expanding and ever contracting - both at once and the same time. As one door shuts, another opens. At the end of the out-breath, there is the in-breath.
For every death, there is a rebirth ..

Nothing, not even Enlightenment, is ever complete

Learning for me is an evolutionary thing. Quite often, when I write from the "Transpersonal Space" to the list - or to somewhere else - there is something in what I write for me - perhaps something that I have not yet put into words - perhaps another perspective from which to view life.

One thing I have learned during my own Journey is NEVER to say

"I have completed all there is to complete of my own Psychology"
and/or "I know all there is to know" and/or "I am enlightened, illuminated or spiritually evolved"

Firstly this is to say there is an end to the Universe. 
Secondly, this is to say
"my life is complete and all that is left for me is death" ..

and ..

if neither of these apply, then your ego is doing a good job on you and the very next lesson will be the Cosmic Joke -

The lesson of Humility.

You will either come down to earth with a very big jolt -
or you will have a great bout of depression -
or you will conspire with yourself to ensure that your next Transpersonal experience is waking up dead.

In the past we have "gurus, teachers and sages" who are quoted as being the definitive authority on the subject of "Enlightenment".

There are not too many of them that are still alive in the Physical body -
in fact, when you have a good look at who they are and their life story, most have given up the body, for one reason or other, very shortly after their greatest period of illumination.

That's the ego for you.

With the flow of the Tao - the simultaneously fractally evolving and involuting Universe - how can one possibly imagine that one can possibly know all there is to know - and say their "illumination" (or their psychology) is complete.

The Illusion

If your illumination (or your psychology) has been the purpose of your life's living experience - if be-ing is all the "be-all and end-all" objective, then what you will become is a very bright vegetable existing in a self-induced mesmeristic or stuporific delusion the pseudo spiritual like to call "Blissed out"

There are plenty of stories about the bodies who exist in this state in the caves of the Himalayas - and in some of the Ashrams and Monasteries.

There are even a few Psychologists (including the Transpersonal ones) who claim they know all there is to know - until they have a nervous breakdown because the nerves that tried to maintain that illusion of grandeur finally gave up the ghost.

quite often because (and the picture I get is) they walk round with their heads up their own backsides - thus becoming very constipated .. and ..
without a properly functioning anal sphincter, the brain dies ..

This of course, is the ultimate "no-mind" experience.

NOTHING is ever complete -

and just to confuse some of you, there is no path that lead to any destination apart from death - with a subsequent re-birth in some other state which depends on your attachment to the regrets of your past experience of what you once thought was your life.

What do you envision for yourself?

Do you have a purpose - or an end goal in what you are trying to achieve? If so, you will, one day, eventually fulfill that purpose - until there is nothing left.

Or - is your definition of being - one of continually living life as an experience of the moment - without attachment - allowing the flow of the Tao - the rise and fall of the tides - the in-breath and the out-breath -

to flow through you - without attachment - continually growing in the fractal evolution which is "Enlightenment" ..

This is the practical application of Transpersonal -
The Psychology
of ALL expressions of the Unified Field that is Consciousness ..

Just remember - shortly after the moment you (your mind and your ego) thinks you have done "it" .. that there is nothing more left to "do" .. IT will do you.
and you will become the embodiment of the Cosmic Joke


From the Quaballa,

Enlightenment comes when the Crown meets the firmament (or when Malkuth meets Keether)

From Christopher Wynter,

Enlightenment comes when your third eye is at one with your turd
eye and you can see your own shit..

However, as Enlightenment is a cyclic thing - just like the Moon and the Sun,

 so the moral of the story is .. don't let your head get stuck...

"The Cosmic Joke - Enlightenment is Never complete" was written, published and © by Transpersonal LifeStreams®, Tasmania, Australia.
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