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a Plain English discussion (based on personal experience) of the theory and practice of Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy as a systemic tool  for personal and spiritual growth, transformation and self healing

Transpersonal Lifestreams is about the Consciousness which some call Spirituality .. the seen and the unsee-able .. the conscious, unconscious subconscious and supraconscious memories we carry .. which are the sources of programs, patterns and beliefs that govern our lives .. and our thinking.

THAT - is the question

An English philosopher popularly known as Sir Francis Bacon wrote in one of his Transpersonal voices as Shakespeare's Hamlet:

"To be .. or .. not to be ..that is the question" ..

perhaps challenging the words of French philosopher Descartes ..

"I Think, therefore I am"

The Transpersonal Notebooks

The little word is (and all of the other derivatives of the verb to be) gets used more than any other word in the English language.

We have been taught how to define our selves and our world, who we are and how we relate to others in terms ofam, be, is, are .. etc - thus creating within ourselves and our mind all sorts of logical error, emotional distortion, and demonological thinking - a confusion between reality and illusion.

Sometimes I struggle to find words to explain experiences in such a way that mind can comprehend the processes that many people experience - and that, through the understanding, they can allow the mind + body to move through with the least experience of trauma.

Cartesian Words, the Newtonian Expression of the English Language (or any language where there is a definition of stasis or fixed_state can NEVER define IS for the simple reason that IS does not exist as a constant state of Truth or Falsehood.

IS could perhaps be best describes as a principle of re-creative process, not a statement of fact. 

The moment some-thing IS, a past event becomes recreated in the now through the personality and perceptions based on conditioned learning. 

However, the perception of the mind can only become aware of (and interpret an image or impression of) what has already happened at least 500 milliseconds ago in some past instant of time.

The Transpersonal Notebooks aim to provide words to allow you, the reader, choices in comprehension and understanding; the HOW of the past experience and some possible explanations as to WHY.

Your own personal and individual perception, comprehension and conscious awareness of the experience that you had is unique to you.

No other person can have that exact same experience because the patterns and the conditioning that make up your mind which interprets your experience are unique to you.

However - perhaps an understanding of the mechanism of the experiencing sequence will allow each person to release the consequential "experience-having-you" which follows when the mind goes over and over what one perceives or interprets as happening in the now in this moment .. which is really nothing more than the mind continually trying to hold onto and recreate the past by thinking about it in terms of the little word is.

If you don't think about "some-thing" 
then the mind's experience is of "no-thing"

But - "things" are passing through and by all of your sensory awarenes all of the time (and this happens anyway) without the mind becoming attached to any one thing at the exclusion of all other things through the use of the stasis word is (or one of its parts)

Attachment happens the moment the mind identifies with some-thing - as illustrated by Descartes "I Think, therefore I Am .." 

Re-imprinting of a belief, a pattern, even a trauma happens in exactly the same way and this only takes 750 milliseconds. In other words, if you think you are unworthy, then that is the word picture and the belief image that will be created of you within your memory matrix.

The moment one states Some-thing-IS, you start the continuing process of the creation of that state_of_IS .. and this becomes a personality 

which can only ever be created or exist in your own perception and which no one else will ever experience in the same manner as you do.

Just as easily you can let it go.

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