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reality beyond the illusion of personality
The Transpersonal Self is the satin of the Indigo Void, a motif of transcending beauty. It is the Consciousness of natural fulfillment. The mountain is at the feet of the three fates and air billows beyond the epochs of human time. 

The Transpersonal Self

That consciousness which is sometimes called "Love" is in the space between the cells from and with which the cells were created. It is within the silence. It cannot be known except through separation from it .. yet when it is experienced it is remembered .. the Transpersonal Self is beyond words.

It is about the opening of the personal self's to all life and .. it can speak to you.

Consciousness and Spirituality

Man wants to be higher than others, he wants to conquer nature, hence he has to fight continuously. All complexity arises out of this fight. Each and every one of the personalities arises from this separation.

The innocent
is one who has renounced fighting; who is no longer interested in being higher; who is no longer interested in performing; who has no need to prove that s/he is someone special; who has become like rose flower or like dewdrop on the lotus leaf; who has become part of this infinity; who has melted, merged and become one with the ocean is just a wave rising and falling with the flow who has no idea of "I".

The disappearance of the ''I" is the appearance of the Transpersonal Self.

If one personality of you is unkind to another aspect of your self, that personality  will be unkind to others. Similarly, if you are negligent of self, you will neglect others. Only by experiencing compassion for your self can you experience compassion for others.

If we cannot love our selves, we cannot love others and we cannot stand to see others loved .. (this is the definition and cause of jealousy). If we cannot treat our own self kindly, we resent that treatment when we see it in anyone else.

If you cannot love your self, loving others becomes a very painful unsatisfying endeavor with only occasional moments of comfort.

  • You cannot 'give' anything to anyone, because in reality, you have nothing to give - you can only share with others what you are.

The Tree - an expression of the Transpersonal Self

Spirituality, unconditionality, innocence can only be built on a firm foundation. Nor will it exist without the physical body.

A tree is only as strong as it is rooted in the ground. The environment buffets a tree, yet the tree will stand and survive only so long as its roots remain firm. A tree is also perfectly content in its state of treeness as its own expression of the Transpersonal Self.

If its a bush, it doesn't look with jealousy at the cedar saying 'I wish I was like you'. A tree dares to be the true expression of what it truly is. A tree, even after it is cut down, will grow again from the seeds it sows.

Trees have been around longer than humanity. There is more wisdom in a tree before it is cut down, turned into paper and covered with the written word.

The Transpersonal Self - Unconditionality and Innocence.

True spirituality comes from the acceptance of our own species- hood with all of its variations. In Consciousness, we are all equal, none greater, none lesser, except in the minds of our own personalities.

It is the images in our memories and the judgments of these memories (which we call our self's) which separates us from our Transpersonal Self, our species hood, our source, our integrity, our power - and, creates all of our personalities. Yet, each of these is a dimension of Consciousness.

But, the 'God' we worship is the projection we have placed outside ourselves of this Essence of Consciousness .. for the Transpersonal Self is also the Essence of the tree, the flower, the rock ..

True Spirituality comes from the rekindling of firstly, our awareness of that, followed by our acceptance of that Essence in faith .. until our bodies remember That, under the bindings and the boundaries of what we have been taught.


True Spirituality comes from knowing we are the Love we seek, that we are the Beloved, and we are the Act of Loving. The synergy of these three is, in Essence, the Transpersonal Self.

In bringing together - re-member-ing (or collecting the fragments) .. we remember what we are looking for, we already are .. yet have forgotten. We are one individual expression of the Consciousness of the Transpersonal Self as part of the species Homo Sapiens.

  • Wisdom is respect of ourselves and our acceptance of that.

  • Respect of another is the acceptance of that same essence within all other.

The fire burns, yet cannot burn it self. The eye sees, but cannot see itself - except through its reflection in the eye of another.

Life and Worship

Life, as I perceive it in any moment of time, is the reflection of one of the perceptions of my many selves.

Each perceiver is a mask which filters the life experience through its own belief patterns.

All of my selves have a common Cell-f which I cannot see, because I AM that Self This is the Human Dimension of the Transpersonal Self - and the Consciousness of the Transpersonal Self is beyond experience, except in retrospect.


is the 'honoring of that Essence above all other', the unconditional acceptance of the existence of our essence, the Transpersonal Self above all others.

Worship can only be a silent communication within, Bhakti, the communion of cell-f (the physicality of Self) with Self .. meditation.

"Thou shall have no other God before me" .. (there were only 2 commandments ... the other 8 came from the fact that the people could not understand the first 2).

Only when you become the mountain (much easier than climbing it) will you see the view, the burning bush .. and the personality "I' may then hear the 'Voice of God' from the silence in the space between the cells ..

From this space does true healing, true wholeness emerge.

This is Spirituality ...

I am, you are ....

The Dream, The Dreamer, The Act of Dreaming ...

The purpose of Life is to remember That (The Union of the Transpersonal Self)

Om Tat Sat


To re - member is to reconnect the fragments (or members), the common essence of all of the multiple personality self's ..

into the Common Sense of the Transpersonal Self

Then, Existence and Acceptance IS
beyond words and experience
the Indigo Void

"Consciousness and Spirituality of the Transpersonal Self" was written, published and © by Transpersonal LifeStreams®, Tasmania, Australia. The URL's of this page are https://anunda.com/transpersonal/consciousness.htm and http://www.lifestreams.com.au/transpersonal/consciousness.htm.

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