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With no hope of surviving a terminal disease, Mira's only way of finding her life was to give up all of her life lines and look in the Mirror

Life Lines

A few months back, I was invited to a seminar on "Self Healing". Now - I don't often go to seminars any more - and I didn't recognize the name of the presenter Mira, but, the person who invited me was most insistent.

Mira was a vibrant woman with a glowing personality and skin to match. Quietly, I sat in the back of the hall and listened as she shared her story and the method she had been taught that had saved her life.

Mira's Story

Mira told how she had been diagnosed with cancer to now, 80% of her body - including her brain. Her options were not good. With everything the Medical Profession had to offer, she was told (on her 35th birthday) that her use by date was nearly up and she had 3 months to live.

Mira, in her desperate search had tried every possible release. She prayed regularly, went to Churches and Healers in the hope of some relief. One day, she was given the phone number of a man who may have been able to help her - so she was told. 

He answered the call and came to visit her. She was, by that time, almost housebound and suicidal. Mira couldn't remember the name of this man but what she remembered vividly was that he was the first person who was honest with her - brutally honest. 

"There is absolutely nothing I can do for you" he said, "But, if you are willing to do something for yourself, it just might work - but, there are no promises.

"For a lot of people, there finally comes a time when nothing matters any more - when there is nothing to lose and when there is nothing to gain. 

So Mira - in order to fill in some of her sleepless hours, decided to follow a very simple practice - after all, she had nothing to lose. She asked the man about all of the other stuff that surrounded her - the Bible, "A Course in Miracles", the incense, the CD's and tapes. She was a little surprised by the reply. 

"If you enjoy the music and the incense, use them - but for no other reason. If you enjoy reading the books, read them. But if you are looking for answers or healing or miracles from any of these things, you would probably get at greater benefit from putting them in the fire and burning them"

Then Mira went on to describe what she had been shown. She described how she was taught to find the center of her being by placing her hands together as she had been taught to, as a child, when praying. But, this time it was different. She explained how this practice originated - that by pushing both hands together and following the tension up the arms, across the shoulders and into the center of her chest, she could find a line down through the center of her being where there was no tension.

Then there was the breathing process - she had to focus on the sound of her breath and imagine it coming in through the soles of her feet and out through the top of her head. Then on the next breath, it had to come in through the top of her head and out through the soles of her feet. Every thought, every feeling and every emotion was breathed out on this breath. For Mira, that was the easy part. 

The more difficult part of her assignment was to stand naked in front of a full length mirror, look her reflection directly in the eyes and say to it "I accept my self, in this moment, just the way I am" whilst she was doing the exercise. 

Mira went on to describe how this simple practice became a ritual for her - first thing in the morning - last thing at night. After a week, the Bible and ACIM went into the fire. After two weeks, the scans of her cancers started to show that the tumors were shrinking. She was able to drive herself to the hospital on her "use by date", 3 months after she started a practice with nothing to lose and nothing to gain. There was no sign of any of the tumors anywhere in her body. 

The doctors started to have their prescribed "fit" - and all she did was smile.

As Mira described how she still followed this practice every day, ten years later, she spotted me, hiding out in a corner of the room and burst into tears. Giving nothing to anyone in the room, she simply said, through her tears "I want to thank a man who came to me in the night, promised me nothing and showed me how to live. In giving up what I clung onto as my life line, I found my life".

At that point, I gently wiped the tears that were streaming down my face too. I had remembered who Mira was when she talked about the books but, I had never seen her or talked to her since. The friend who had invited me to the meeting asked me if I knew something. I said nothing.

At 45 years of age, still in complete remission, 10 years after she was supposed to be dead, Mira had nothing to live for, nothing to die for .. and was full of Life.

Quietly, my friend and I left the room as anonymously as I had arrived.

I still advocate this simple method. I still use the same words .. In order to find your Life, you have to give up all attachments to your Lifelines.

Footnote: More details of the exercise practice the Mira followed can be found in the following pages .. "In Thine Hands" .. "The Breath that is You" .. "The Mirror"

Life Lines - a Personal Story of Self Healing


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