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The Notebooks of a Transpersonal Therapist

Because of my own transpersonal experience, I have had an opportunity to walk many miles in other people's shoes .. and even then, I cannot claim to have seen it all.

Lifelines - Mira's Story.
When you have nothing to live for and nothing to die for, then anything is possible. Living means giving up your lifelines

· Patterns of trauma that define behavior
A Therapist's Case History of how a series of seemingly unrelated patterns could influence Fiona's behavior in a life changing way

· A Child's Memories from the Stones
in amongst the gut-wrenching sobs of a 6 year old .. images of sodomy .. of the rape of many children. The pain and anguish of the raped and the energy of the perpetrator were impregnated into the 200 year old stone walls of the church vestry.

· Life and Death - the Hidden Scars of Abortion
A child born before or after an abortion can cary an imprint of the mother's power of Life and Death leading to suicide impulses, chronic depression and even infertility

· Therapist or Terrorist
Have you ever faced a situation where the whole of your life has collapsed around you. You have no one you can relate to, no roots, no parents - no identity and nothing has meaning.

· Training the Transpersonal Therapist
People ask me where they can obtain Transpersonal Therapy Training. I cannot train you as a Transpersonal Therapist. Nobody can

· Transpersonal Counseling and Therapy
You are the creator and unconscious destroyer of yourself and your own life experiences.

Every form of therapy is valid.  However, to evolve further, it is important to realise that 'therapy' is limited by the box that has been placed around it and by the commitment of the therapist you have chosen to their own personal growth.

Transpersonal Lifestreams

In order for you to make choices, it is first important for you to see that you have a choice, and then be able to see what some of the possibilities are.

What you think, what you feel, what you know is very real to you, often in conflict with expectations placed on you, and at variance with what you are told you should be doing or experiencing.

You are still alive. Therefore, in your life, you have done something right, despite what others may say, or have said to the contrary.

Life Skills Education, Counseling, Training, Therapy

You are not powerless. When you are able to see the source and the reason for, whatever disease you believe you have, you will be able to change the program which has resulted in the belief from which you created your 'suffering'.

It is only by taking personal responsibility for yourself
that you can create change.

Once the unconscious programs that have you believe you are a victim are identified, you will then be able to see that you do have a choice.

Life itself, as you have experienced it, often reinforces the program that you do not have a choice as to your wellbeing. Your power of choice may have been handed away for any number of reasons ... but it is a belief held by many people which manifests in different life situations.

It is possible to identify the relationship of physiological emotional stress patterns and destructive resonances and link them to specific patterns of myths and beliefs which are held in the unconscious body memory.

The Transpersonal Metaphor

Just as the operation of your PC and its responses to your demands and expectations, even to its ability to translate this web-site, depends on the integrity of 'hidden files' and 'data' in the operating platform written by unknown programmers, so the reader’s perception of what follows will be based on their own unconscious programming and hidden memories from (as yet) unknown sources. 

These files, once you are aware of their existence and location can be erased, rather than worked around. Transpersonal refers to that part of you which is beyond your present conscious awareness.

At the transpersonal stage, we let go of our personality boundaries and, through getting in touch with and understanding our (as yet unconscious source) we are able to cultivate our intuition, our healing power and gain control over our lives.

Sometimes our present symptoms are related to emotional and psychological trauma experienced earlier in life.  Sometimes too, they are connected or based on behaviour or reactions which we have inherited from our concealed genetic past.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Whatever you consciously seek, you unconsciously seek the opposite.
Whatever you consciously project onto another, needs, wants, desires,
you also unconsciously project the opposite onto yourself.

You are the creator and unconscious destroyer of yourself and your own life experiences. The responsibility for your healing lies solely within your own body remembering.



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