The Power of Life and Death

Children born before or after an abortion or pregnancy termination can carry an imprint of the mother's power of Life and Death, leading to suicide attempts, cycles of chronic depression and even infertility in later life.

The Power of Life and Death 

From the perspective of a Transpersonal Therapist working with suicide impulse, depression and other symptoms of psychosis, I have found there is a connection between many case histories of siblings who have been conceived into a womb that is carrying the memory of a previous willful termination.

There is also the consideration of the energies and images that are picked up by siblings who were born before the abortion - for the simple reason, a child can know its mother is pregnant from the moment of conception - often a long time before the mother is aware. 

The Hidden Scars of Abortion and Pregnancy Termination 

The Right to life Movement and other groups have their moral ground - and I am not going to enter the subject of abortion and Pregnancy Termination from that perspective at all.

Termination can take a number of forms - but, for the purpose of this article, I am defining abortion as the willful termination of a pregnancy by the mother or the father. 

Willful pregnancy termination or abortion can be caused 
1. by an act of conscious determination on the part of the mother willing a miscarriage herself.
2. by the taking of any number of herbal combinations 
3. by self abortion using a physical instrument 
4. by procurement of a termination by clinical methods 
5. by someone consciously causing physical injury by beating the pregnant female as in the abuse of the mother by a male - particularly the father of the child. ( In the old days, termination was often procured by belting the mother across the stomach with a large piece of wood )
For Children conceived after the abortion
No matter what method is used to cause the termination of pregnancy by the physical implementation of an act of will, the act will leave two imprints in the cells of the body of the mother - most particularly in the cells of the womb
· the imprint of the action and the consequent denied physiological and unconscious psychological reactions of the mother - especially grief and guilt on unconscious level of mother going against the inherent reproduction function of female.
· the imprint of the reaction of the fetus - remembering that the fetus is conscious from conception and has a fully functioning nervous system from about 12 weeks g.a.

Unless the womb is cleared fully and consciously after every conception, the energy of that conception - and the energy of everything that happens to the fetus remains in the womb to be "picked up" or "taken on" by the following children.

For example, I have traced a number of suicide attempts to a willful termination of a prior pregnancy. Even if mother has a "natural" miscarriage, the effects are still there, but as this is a more natural event and can happen for any number of reasons, the vibration that "Mother has the Power of Life and Death" is not as strong.

For a child living at the time of an abortion of a sibling
Every child knows the moment its mother is pregnant - the moment that the conception takes place. The child also knows the gender that is dominant and most probable. It can also know if mother wants the child or not .. and even if the mother wants a child of a different gender. Most children talk to the fetus in the womb from a very early gestational age (g.a.). 
What is going to be the effect on this child if a willful decision is made to terminate the pregnancy of a brother or sister?
What is going to be the effect on the child if there are willful decisions made to terminate several pregnancies.
What is going to be the effect on the child if mother lies about the termination to the child - or denies there ever was a pregnancy
What happens to a child who dares to talk to either its mother and father on this subject.
The Power of Life and Death

One pattern is very clear - that when mother has demonstrated her "Power of Life and Death" over a child is "Greater than God's" .. then subsequently, there is a deep and abiding fear that if the child ever does anything against its mother, then unless the issue is addressed, you will always remain the child victim of your mother. These memories can often be beyond words.

There are a couple of other issues worth mentioning here. 1 in every 12 conceptions results in a twin pregnancy. Not every one of these results in the birth of the two babies. Very often, the essence of the one who did not make it will incarnate in a subsequent pregnancy. Now - if there is a willful termination of that pregnancy, in your eyes, your twin has been murdered.

If, for example, a surviving male child witnesses the termination of a number of female children, then there is a very high probability that male child will become homo sexual - based on the fear of what may happen if he ever has a girlfriend - or fathers a child. The converse is also true for female children. This situation has also been found behind transsexual and lesbian characteristics ..

One final thing - a child who witnesses or has been affected by a number of willful terminations stands a very high probability of being infertile .. and, if a female, will probably have complications with birth if she does fall pregnant - or may give birth to a child who has some disability ..

The other thing that can arise from a childhood wounding cause by the abortion or willful termination of a sibling is that the female survivors stand a very high possibility of developing cancer of the reproductive organs.

There are many other consequences of willful termination or abortion of a pregnancy - but this may set you thinking on the path of some of the events in your own life. What I will warn you is that if this issue does apply to you, you will feel it in your pelvis, sacrum, hips - and the effects may also be felt in your legs, knees and ankles - and of course, in your reproductive organs.

Footnote: I was the survivor of triplets - one was still born and the other died not long after birth. The termination was sought by chemical means - but somehow I survived to be adopted out .. so, I speak from the position of resolution of my own personal story -- and from working through this with a number of other people in my personal groups .. 

I have also recovered and journaled a full description of my words around the thoughts, feelings, images, tastes and smells that my body released as I accessed this attempt on my life before I was born. (This will be published in a later update)

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The hidden scars of Abortion and Pregnancy Termination


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