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This exercise was taught to me by a Taoist Priest - a simple walking meditation. Until I got used to it, it was probably the hardest exercise that I have ever "done" .. until, eventually, "it done me" .. and then it was so easy that it became a way of being.

Transcending Reality.

Within our body, we carry our own band, orchestra and symphony and vocal chorus. There is drum of the heart beat echoing through every cell of your body .. the symbol of your reason for living. Then the wind instruments created from the sound of your own breath in the act of breathing, the sound of the blood moving through your own veins and arteries, the sounds of the neurons firing in your nervous system, the sounds of the tendons and muscles stretching and relaxing as you go about all of the functions and processes of every day life ..

I've listened to a lot of CD's - and none I have heard has ever been able to capture the majesty of the inner orchestra as witnessed from a still mind .. until the sound merges with the mind in the stillness of total cell-f_absorption.

A Taoist walking Meditation

The simplest way to access transcendent reality is to walk.

Walk no where, with no purpose except to experience the walker in the process of walking .. one foot in front of the other ..

Look at no-thing .. don't become distracted by focusing on anything .. allow your vision to broaden .. and you will see everything .. all of the things you would have missed if your attention had become transfixed on some-thing.

Listen to no-thing .. don't become distracted by all of the sounds around you, but let them pass through you .. and as you do, you will hear things that you never would have before.

The same applies to your senses of feeling, taste, smell .. and the emotions that arise from within you ..

As you place one foot in front of the other, allow yourself to become aware of the whole mechanism of your walking - the pressure of the individual points on the ground, the flexing of the tendons and muscles, the movement of your skin, the way the weight transfers all of the way up your body and down again as you take another step ..

Even deeper results can be obtained by combining the sequence of the "breathing exercise" whilst you walk.

Be aware of the majesty of the inner orchestra responsible for each fluid motion .. and how each movement is part of the breath and each breath part of the beat of the Universal Heart.

Chaos only exists for those who do not understand The Streams of Consciousness that is Life_Be_ing_Life in the Moment of Living.

A "User" Experience

Someone who has been on the forum for some time wrote to me ..

" I have gone for a walking meditation each morning for the last three weeks or so. I live in an urban neighborhood with central parks every couple of blocks -- large ancient trees so lots of animals. The city does a nice job of public gardening to boot. It occurred to me this morning that often on these walks (where the aim is to go no-where, but to be in each step, in each breath) that I slip into this transcendent state.

As I returned to the house this morning, I could feel the gingko and oak trees sweeping my energy field with theirs. I was able to smile and non-verbally thank them. That makes "sense" to you doesn't it? There were squirrels and mockingbirds that sang with me this morning, and in that last leg of the trip, I began to tone on my out-breath. A new development. Shortly after I began the toning, I noticed the sweeping of the trees over my head."


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