These freely offered exercises, tools and Transpersonal techniques can stimulate some very powerful energy movements through your body. As Transpersonal self helpthey mostly work beyond the level of the conscious mind, this is what they are designed to do. Some of them can be used in a sequence to access deeper levels of release. They were developed in the Transpersonal groups that I facilitated. When confronted by something with ourselves, Fiona and I still use them as a part of our own Transpersonal Life Skills.

Transpersonal Self Help tools and techniques

The Merging of Opposites

merge of the Mother and Father archetypes to release the "Inner Child"

Cutting Ties Letter

beneficial for relieving guilt, grief, frustration and stress suffered by people in many circumstances, including relationship issues

Memories of Birth and your first breath

In order to be able to access your birth and conception issues, it is virtually necessary to access the information stored in your body concerning the first breath you ever took.



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