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It is very important not to allow yourself to wallow in either the emotions you are experiencing, or any self judgement of your experience.

As your body releases holding patterns, it is natural that the energy which has caused these patterns (collapsed cellular magnetic fields) will be released and expansion will take place.

We have been taught to label emotions. However, the labels we have been given are not necessarily the cause of the experience we have during clearing. It is wise just to accept your experience as "Energy re-awakening".

Note: - Some of the patterns may have been handed down generation after generation and may be in a language which is different from the one you now speak. Thus, analysis of the feelings may further increase your discomfort as the body is not able to understand the mind's language.



The cells, as they go through this process are going to release a whole lot of garbage. One of the side effects can be the release of body odours and an increase in the odour of body waste.

The simplest self help is to sip diluted orange juice (1 part) in water (4 parts) slowly, during the day. A glass of orange juice once or twice a day will not work.Where there is already a high level of toxin in the body, it would be of benefit to talk to a herbalist and ask for a supervised detoxification.

There may be symptoms of colds or the 'flu' .. but I have found that these symptoms (the mucous) are actually the accumulation of tears that have not been able to be cried.

Any who are diabetic should watch their insulin levels very closely.


Hot Baths

I have used the following formula with great success .. but, be warned .. if you follow this one, you had better be prepared to sleep for the next few hours, because you might not be any good for anything else .. some people couldn't stand up when they got out!

Into a bath as full as you can get it whilst leaving room for you, dissolve a small handful of

· baking soda
· Epsom's salts
· sea salt
· then add 3 or 4 drops of essential oils of Juniper, Rosemary, Lavender
(if you miss any of these out, that's OK, but the effect may be lessened slightly) 

Soak yourself for as long as you feel comfortable .. but remember, this exercise too, may bring the release of thoughts, feelings and emotions ..


Balancing/grounding Exercises

If you feel yourself getting "spacey" or out of balance, there are two "postures", either of which will help you come back to "earth" and into your centre ..


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