Self Help Resources

The Self-Help Notebook contains practical personal growth resources, suggestions, tools and techniques for people who have seen something transpersonal self-healing resourcesthat resonates with them on this site and are either looking for the next step or for some confirmation that what they are experiencing is OK.

Introduction to our Self Help Resources

So, you think "I have a problem"
The Physiology of Trauma
An introduction to Self Help
Practicing for the Practice
Your responsibility for the use of these exercises

The Trans-Personal Mirror Exercise

In the experience of people who have used it, this is probably the most complete and powerful self-acceptance exercise that you can ever do - and the simplest. Best of all, its free.

Becoming familiar with your own body
Practices for Personal and Spiritual Growth

The Breath that is you
Dynamic (Walking) Prayer Meditation -Transcending Reality
In Thy Hands: a centering exercise

Tools and Techniques for Personal Clearing

Memories of Birth and your first Breath
Cutting Ties to Release Grief and dependencies
Freeing the Inner Child

Dealing with some of the Symptoms

Self-help for headaches


The Body Map
Patterns of your Life


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as a therapist, the one policy I have always employed is to allow each client the same opportunities I have had so that their personal growth is not dependent on me as a therapist.

Self Help and Self Healing is about being able to take responsibility for yourself.

Fiona and I still regularly use some of these resources