Your Response-ability for Personal Use
of the Self Help Exercises and Practices

These Transpersonal self help tools, exercises and techniques are just that. You can do them for yourself and, in the privacy of your own home. They are freely available for your own personal and self-healing use. We freely provide question and answer support through our Mentor-Discussion Forum

A Word of Caution

If any of the exercises or practices are consciously or deliberately used for personal or financial gain over another person, or employed as a means of directly influencing (in any way including either harming or healing) any person or situation other than resolving issues within your self, then the Transpersonal Mirror and the Principle of Cause and Effect will reflect back to you (almost immediately) not only everything that you are "putting out" or projecting (including your own thoughts, feelings and emotions), but also everything that the other person needs to resolve within their self.

Several people, who thought a couple of these exercises would be good to "sell" as therapy tools (without our permission) have found themselves having to deal with all of the problems, issues and diseases of everyone they sold them to. Unless you have explored and resolved all possible personal outcomes and emotional releases for each technique for and within yourself, then you will have no way or understanding of dealing with any reflections. 

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