If you do what you've always done,
you'll get what you've always got ... 

So, you think, "I have a problem"

Experience, education, and life exposure can help build our resources for problem solving skills, but sometimes we encounter problems which are more difficult - many of which can lead to personal conflict and even depression.

Your concerns, trials, tribulations - all your troubles can be turned into opportunities. All problems are opportunities to grow. All pain is a forewarning of such necessity to change your outlook on yourself - and life.

Many times people have not been trained in the process of  problem solving or conflict resolution. Parents may have failed to teach these skills. Some problems can be elusive, transitional, and very unique. A very worrisome situation for you, may not be considered a problem for others.

If you have ever been plagued by an emotional conflict or depression over a period of time and had a friend tell you to "just get over it", you can sense there is a difference.

This type of advice is usually given by someone who is  either not bothered by the type of situation or emotion you have conveyed to them, or they simply don't understand. You can in fact "get over it" but not until you find the resolution which fits best for you.

The material on this site

can help facilitate the changes needed for you to experience a purpose and direction in Life. By understanding the sources of what you see as a problem, you can reduce the anxiety and start to explore physical and emotional resources of which you may not be aware.

This can help you to disengage from  patterns of anxiety, conflict and modeled attitudes which interfere with the ability to see situations clearly.

You will be able to identify the fact that you do have choices in your life and be able to work out what you can do to change your situation. You will find that you have all the resources when you can see the bigger picture.

The material on this site is based on the philosophy of educating for change so that more appropriate life choices can be discovered.
  • You will be able to look on what previously seemed as problems as opportunities to grow.
  • You will be able to identify the sources of pain as a forewarning of such necessity to change your outlook on yourself - and life.
  • You will have a set of skills available to you that go beyond "just coping" - tools which will offer you both the choice and the opportunity to facilitate that change for your self.

The First Steps to a less problem filled life

are to work through some of the ideas and exercises presented in this site. These will help you find a space of greater clarity and less self imposed stress, from which you may be able, more rationally to look at your life situation.

Then, if you require further assistance, the options available through this site are

» The Physiology of Trauma



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