Self Healing: Practicing for the Practice

Many people are absorbed in some sort of spiritual practice .. and most have some spiritual purpose in mind .. they have an expectation for some sort of outcome. Ultimately, there is no end, no outcome, no healed. There are only Stepping Stones to some new level of Health, Wellbeing or awareness.

I have found that if I practice for the practice
I absorb the practice

The mind and the ego has an attachment to outcome. If your 'doing' is expressed with no attachment, or expectation of outcome .. or with no purpose ..

then, whatever the outcome, whatever comes up from the body in the form of thoughts, feelings and emotions are not temporal. They are not linked to past or future and they can return to the silence of the no-thing from whence they came. In other words, they are, themselves, released by themselves by interpenetrating (merging) with their opposites..

Practicing with a Purpose

If I have a purpose, I have an expectation.

If I practice for a purpose,
I lose the practice and absorb the purpose

If I have an expectation, I limit my self .. and what I can become. Purpose is the expression of a need. If there is a need, or expectation of an outcome .. in other words, a purpose, then, by the law of cause and effect, a pair of opposites are produced .. creation and destruction.

Thus, if you focus on "Light and Love" you will create these as thoughforms .. and also create what some term as "dark entities" which are perceived as "Dark and Hatred (or fear)"

But, if the practice is followed without any regard for outcome, then the outcome will follow as a growth or expansion without its opposite.

Practicing for a purpose comes from a need or approval .. usually of a parent, priest guru or God, even though this may not be apparent in the moment. It can be advantageous to have a close look at any need. you may become aware of, as they arise.

This is especially symptomatic of those with a Western Spiritual background, and is deeply ingrained in the psyche. So, don't be too hard on yourself if you find this need coming to the surface. Your awareness and acknowledgement is usually enough to see it dissolve.

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