My approach to Therapy is that of a facilitator - to provide concepts and possibilities to allow clients to expand their experience to allow themselves Transpersonal support for Personal Growtha sense of understanding as to how and why personal experiences affect them in the way they do. With this understanding, the natural self-healing process allows that the individual may evolve and expand from all experiences, no matter how traumatic the experiences may have been at the time.

Therapy, Personal Growth and Self Healing

The Physiology of Trauma

My experience as a grief and trauma counselor has taught me many things. It has also assisted me to understand my own process as I have worked with energy movements (or emotions) within my own personal "processes".

Transpersonal Self-Help - an Introduction

A few brief notes and a guide to this section of the site and some of the possible effects

So, you think, "I have a problem"

Experience, education, and life exposure can help build our resources for problem solving skills, but sometimes we encounter problems which are more difficult - many of which can lead to personal conflict and even depression.

Practicing for the Practice - not with Purpose

At the Transpersonal Level, practicing with a purpose may actually create the opposite results to those you hope for

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