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Over time, a number of people have asked "How do I get the mind out of the way" when I'm trying to do something to heal myself.

Some Background to the Mirror Exercise

There are several parts to "The Mirror" exercise. There are a number of activities which you are required to concentrate on - all at the same time. Now, to the Cartesian, Left, Thinking, Logical Brain, this is impossible, because it is only capable of processing one set of instructions at the one time.

Yet, here I am asking you to keep your balance in a standing still position (with your back straight), focus your eyes on a single point, breathe in a particular way whilst you are listening to the way you breathe, hold your hands together so that you feel nothing and wait until you drop into a place where nothing exists - all of the time, facing the nakedness of your birth and trying to stay awake for 10 minutes or so.

So - one step at a time. There are four basic areas of the brain that need to work together for one to drop into that space beyond the personality. In this exercise, every part of your brain is going to become occupied on one single practice - if it doesn't, you'll more than likely fall in a blubbering heap on the floor.

Now - have a close look at the exercise again - go over the instructions in your minds eye and see if you can identify all of the processes that are going to go on in your head whilst you try to "get this right".

In actual fact, eventually your awareness will drop out of your head all together and when that happens, the whole exercise will do you.

Now - that space of no-thing can be, for some, a real scary space - especially when the Cartesian Controller of your Sovereign Personality Ego suddenly gets confronted with the fact that it is no longer controlling either your breath or your heartbeat.

But - on to other things ..

Whilst the focus of your Vision is fixed on one point, (and this is the "rods" in your eyes doing this), the other part of your eyes (the cones) start their "thing" and all of a sudden you might become aware of colours, shapes, faces etc in your "aura" - in other words, you are starting to "see" all of the things hanging around in your energy field.

Sovereign ego isn't going to like that and so it'll want to have a good look and the moment it does, those "things" will disappear. Funny thing is, when the image in the Mirror disappears, Mind is going to get an even bigger "work over" .. but wait until the mirror disappears too ....

Mind you, at the same time as all of this is going on, you are trying to keep on breathing between the top of your head and the soles of your feet - and the only way for that to happen is if your body gets itself into alignment and the various blocks get out of the way. Mind won't like that either, because as these blocks start to move, all sorts of thoughts and impressions will start to move through you.

However, as Mind is otherwise occupied (mostly being terrified of losing control), all of these "blocks" are moving through very quickly .. probably coming to awareness every 10 milliseconds or so.

Now - it takes 750 milliseconds to re-imprint them and 90 seconds to totally clear the neural pathway that created the block in the first place. Mind has forgotten about that because it is too busy trying to figure out what is going on in the mirror, how to stand up, how to breathe, whilst at the same time it is trying to find this "centre" line between left and right.

Oh .. by the way, all of the time it is trying to do all of those things at once, it is also trying to speak out loud "I accept myself in this moment just the way I am" without it coming out sounding like you've had 5 too many glasses of wine.

When your mind becomes your friend, the whole exercise will just happen, by itself, uniquely for you. If you try to do the exercise, it will do you and you may find out where the floor is the hard way - after you wake up.

Rest assured .. even if you only get one part of it right at first, then just that part happening on its own will already be conspiring to give the Sovereign Mind, along with all of its associated beliefs, a real good shake-up.

..... and, no, you will never know if you've "got it right" so don't try. Just follow the instructions as they were written .. and enjoy your own healing.

If things happen that you don't quite understand or something is worrying you about how your mind or body is responding/reacting, then write to the list - that's what its there for.

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"No Mind .. Some Background to the Mirror Exercise"
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