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This exercise was originally written for members of my groups to assist them with the merge of the Mother and Father archetypes to release the "Inner Child". It has been modified for use with members of the forum and is presented freely here for personal use. In the following, any two opposites can be substituted for these words .. for example Male and Female, Good and Evil, Light and Dark, Birth and Death ... 

The Merging of Opposites.

Before attempting this exercise, you should acquaint yourself with the following pages:
practicing for the practice without expectation of outcome ..
the body familiarity exercise
the breath that is you

To make this process easier for you to follow, you may also benefit by having a copy of the • body map handy .. and be comfortable accessing some of the points freely ..


Within the context of the exercise, some may have problems obtaining "symbols" where I ask for them. What you place on your paper, whether they be words or symbols is not important, so long as they convey the essence, the feeling, the meaning of what comes to you as representative of your body belief .. whether they make sense to you in the moment or not.

It is worth spending some time with the words thoughts and feelings that come .. so that you have an understanding of their meaning .. and also where they come from.

This is about your memory, your past .. the contents of the beliefs that are contained in every cell of your body.

If you do not, at first, get any symbols, thoughts, feelings, then for the first few times you do the exercise, it is OK for you to place on the paper any simple symbol which represents Mother and Father (as indicated) .. your unconscious mind will respond .. it might just take time for your conscious to become aware.


For this exercise, you will need two sheets of paper, folded in half .. and then opened out, something to write or draw with, and possibly something to make notes on. I am using symbolism here.

The first sheet will be used to bring the thought, feeling, emotion to consciousness in a manner that your mind can see it. The second sheet will always remain blank .. symbolic of 'the no-thing' or you and your life before you were subjected to the imprinting you now bear.

If a fire to burn the paper (preferred symbolism) is not a valid option for you, it also works if , when the exercise is completed, the pages are torn into very small pieces and buried in the earth (second preference).

It is important to dispose of the materials as consciously as you can, because you are, in disposing of the symbols, giving all aspects of yourself, permission to acknowledge and release all of your past conditioning and learned reactions …and awaken yourself to the wisdom which is contained within your own inner knowing.

The exercise itself can be done as frequently as you choose. My own experience is that the more times you do it, the more complete and quicker will become the process until it becomes automatic .. you should then be able to access the information without thinking about it.

The Exercise itself

  1. Spend a few minutes going through the
        "Simple Body Familiarity Exercise"
  2. Use "the centering exercise" (breath) to sit quietly with your breath, (the space between the in-breath and the out-breath) and ask your body to show you what memories, beliefs and limitations are accessed by the keyword "Mother" within your body. Write or draw whatever comes on the left half of the first sheet of paper …do this as often as you need until you feel this part of the process is complete for this time.
  3. Repeat (2) above for the keyword "Father"
  4. Fold this sheet over so that the two sets of symbols are facing one another... the focus here is that you are going to merge the apparent opposites contained on this page together (within your self)
  5. Surround this with the blank sheet of paper .. symbolically returning the merged symbols to the 'no-thing' from whence they came.
  6. Now use the centering (breath) exercise again with the folded pages between the palms of your hand .. and sit (using the space between the breaths) for as long as you feel comfortable. Often during this and the following parts of the exercise, awareness can come to consciousness fleetingly .. and it is worthwhile to make notes of them. You may sometimes find more symbols or words which can be added to the ones you have already noted.
  7. When you are comfortable that you have got all you can from this part, bring the soles of your feet together (keep them together for the whole of the exercise).
  8. place the folded pages over your hara (or womb .. the point is about two finger widths below the navel), held there by both hands (left hand holding pages against the body, right hand covering left) and being conscious of focus allow the space between the in-breath and the out-breath to take the "merge" or Return to Innocence into the cells of the body.
  9. repeat this, using both hands as above for the point between your legs (centre of the perineum)
  10. then place the folded sheets between the soles of the feet and cover your feet with your hands.
  11. the next point is the centre of the sacrum (left hand holding, right covering left)
  12. T1 (map - mid point between the 12's) .. the large vertebrae at the top of the spine and the base of the neck
  13. Top of head or crown
  14. "Third eye" .. (map - mid point between the 20's)
  15. the V at the base of the throat .. (map - mid point between the 22's)
  16. the V at the base of the breast bone .. (map - mid point between the 14's)
  17. The Hara
  18. When you have completed the circuit, relax, sit quietly for a few moments and let your body breathe as it wants to. If words come, then they should be written down as a reference for the next time you repeat this process.
  19. Consciously dispose of the paper .. preferably by burning .. and then spend as long as you feel, again with the centering exercise or any of the other self help exercises to allow the energies to stabilise within your body
  20. Rest, walk, go hug a tree .. and get a drink of water …and let the results of the exercise go. The next time you come to do it, you will have a starting point from any notes you have made from previous occasions. Remember it has taken a long time for the DNA to store the memories it has .. it might need the mind's permission repeated a number of times in order to let these memories go.>

Conclusions and Follow-up

What you achieve from this exercise will be directly proportional to your focus and the energy you are prepared to give to yourself. I have merely provided a tool which I have found works with a lot of people. The results will be different for everyone. There is no comparison.

But .. sharing on the list can be beneficial for each to see different perspectives and possibilities.

The synergy of a number of people sharing both this exercise and their observations, their perceptions will increase the energy available for each.

There will be no comparisons made .. and what each experiences is your truth in the moment. I may, however, encourage you not to hold on to your initial reactions, but to allow yourself to repeat the exercise and go deeper.

Please Note : The information contained in this document is copyright.

This is a very powerful exercise and could result in the release of many repressed or denied beliefs and emotions from a number of levels. Support for people who need it is available through the forum.

We have also found that some who have tried to share this process with others without first applying it at the deepest levels to themselves have been deeply affected by the unresolved issues mirrored back to them by those with whom they have used the process.

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"The Merging of Opposites"
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