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Transpersonal Self Help: an introduction.

the flow on from following any of the work on this site may be felt by all of those to whom you are related and may be seen in changed behavioral patterns for family members. This can particularly include relationships with parents, partners and children. The space and support you give these people to go through their own processing is a reflection of your attitude towards your self.

Making Life Easier on Yourself.

I have found that Transpersonal transformational processing has a profound effect on the physical body. If you are following any other "spiritual practices", it would be very wise to consider the consequences of mixing anything in this set of exercise with any other discipline you may be following .. if you have any doubts, please contact us.

Remember, in this sort of Transpersonal work, we are working at the lowest common cell which exists in every part of your body .. not the gross body. We are not looking for an outcome .. we are allowing the re-awakening .. and the remembering.

What we provide on this site and on the discussion list is freely available for personal use.

Supporting yourself

There are a number of things that you can do to support the body as it explores and assimilates its new found freedom .. as it accepts permission from the mind that has sought to control it and explores the possibility of its own unique expression of wholeness.
(miracles are only a change in perception .. anything is possible!)

Gentle movement of the body ..
· allowing it to move as it wants .. 
· shake, jerk, twitch, shiver .. whatever it wants to do

· going for slow and gentle walks with no other purpose than walking itself. 
· swimming, sauna spa will also assist the energy to move. 
· hugging a tree, with your eyes shut ..
  the tree will share with you the energy it is.

This is your body .. allow it to tell you what it wants.

Specific Notes for those who are Female ..

There can be a profound irregularity in the menstrual cycle as the body is given permission to release years (and generations) of accumulated beliefs.

There can also be exacerbation or worsening of any symptoms of PMT which you may have previously experienced. Further work may be needed here to identify and release the cause of this - it really can be quite simple.

There may also be menopausal symptoms, hot flushes, cramping .. These symptoms are not something to panic about, because there can be a very good explanation for what you are experiencing.

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