transpersonal self-healing resourcesthe Support Notebooks are a way for those of us who "have been" to maybe help some of those who haven't. From our own personal experience and the experience of working with others, we have collected some practical material which is freely available here for personal use.

e-lifeskills support and self help

Self Help: Resources, Tools, Techniques, Practices

Practical self help suggestions, tools and techniques for people looking for something they can do for themselves to facilitate their own personal growth and self-healing process.

Self Healing - A Transpersonal Guide

Self Healing is about unblocking your body's power to heal itself; a simple, plain English guide to some paths and processes for Self Healing, Self Realization, Transformation, Personal and Spiritual Development

Who can I talk to ?

You are not alone. It can be both rewarding and surprising to find that you have a lot of experiences which are common with others. Over the last 2 years, what started out as our discussion list has turned into a private (and anonymous) self-help forum

Notebooks of a Transpersonal Therapist

Because of my own experiences, I have had opportunities to walk many miles in other people's shoes .. and even then, I cannot claim to have seen it all. 

My journey into Self Healing

Fiona's Story: A giant glistening web. At the center of this web .. the one aspect that has remained constant .. my birthright .. the innocence of who I am that I was born with .. and I forgot.


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as a therapist, the one policy I have always employed is to allow each client the same opportunities I have had so that their personal growth is not dependent on me as a therapist.

Self Help and Self Healing is about being able to take responsibility for yourself.

Fiona and I still regularly use some of these resources