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If, during process, you start to suffer severe headaches, the most common cause of this that I have found is that the pelvic girdle starts to move, and because of the inherent rigidity of the spine around the back of the heart, this movement is reflected in the bones at the back of the skull and sometimes in the jaw.

The other cause of headaches is an influx of toxins to the brain caused by an overload of the liver and lymphatic system. (see • here for detox. information)

There are two releases which can be used to ease the symptoms of headaches.

  • There are two sets of release points for the spine located on the top edge of the pubic bone starting about 1 inch either side of the centre line. (Points 15 on the • Body map) If you lay on your back on the floor with your neck supported by a rolled up towel, and your legs up over a chair so that the angle of the knees and the hips are both right angles …press those points gently (they will probably be sore) and hold them until you feel an even balanced pulse from both sides.
  • Somewhere in the small of the back in the lumbar region, just above the line of the hips, you may find a sore spot. (between points 2 on the • Body map). Gently hold this point with the fingers of the right hand, and with the fingers of the left hand, hold the tip of the coccyx (tail bone) for as long as necessary.

Both of these releases are capable of bringing up a flood of memories and emotions. Remember, they are past... both your past and genetic past. Do you need to relive these feelings, or can you allow that the feelings you are experiencing are stuff that has long been buried and denied and are coming up for release.


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