All of these practices were developed in the Transpersonal groups that I Transpersonal Practicesfacilitated. These exercises, tools, techniques and Transpersonal processes can stimulate some very powerful energy movements through your body. As they mostly work beyond the level of the conscious mind, this is what they are designed to do. Some of them can be used in a sequence to access deeper levels of awareness.

Practices for Personal and Spiritual Growth

Becoming familiar with your own body

and getting in touch with it, is part of giving yourself permission to heal. This exercise could be considered mandatory for anyone who really wants to start the healing process within their own body

The Breath that is you

a basic but powerful breathing exercise, which, if allowed to master you, can lead to a total release from the past.

Transcending Reality

The Taoist Walking Exercise, prayer and meditation practice

In Thy Hands: a centering exercise

What is familiar to most as a "hands together" gesture of prayer has been around for a lot longer than the form of worship with which most are familiar and, has both a much deeper meaning and significance.

The Mirror Exercise

In the experience of people who have used it, this is probably the most complete and powerful self-acceptance exercise that you can ever do - and the simplest. Best of all, its free. 


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