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The Breath that is you

In what follows here I have brought together all the specific breathing exercises which I have posted on the list. I have included all of the specific instructions and references so that you may find some background and understanding of the process you are experiencing. You might like to print this out and keep it as reference.


From experience, I have found that after a period of time practicing this exercise, it become automatic, and it can be called upon at any time when you find yourself being pushed, pulled or otherwise in emotional turmoil.

The ideal intention or purpose (focus) for the exercise is one of totally surrendering to being absorbed or immersed in the breath. Eventually, with practice, you will not breathe the breath, the breath will breathe you.

You will become the breath, the breather of the breath and the act of breathing immersed in each other. I know of no other words to describe this consciousness.

Again from experience, it is possible to spend your waking and sleeping hours in this consciousness, and still be able to function as normal in your daily life style.

I have found it beneficial to go through the full process morning and night .. and it can be used in bed to assist in going to sleep at night. The more often you set out to practicing as a ritual, the sooner it will
become automatic throughout the whole of your waking and sleeping.

I have established a practice for myself of consciously taking two or three breaths (in remembrance of the exercise) immediately before starting something new.

for example, when I answer the telephone and again when I hang up .. Before I eat or drink anything, before and answering an e-mail.

The Process

You will need to find yourself in a comfortable seated position so that you can bring the soles of your fee together. It may be more comfortable if you can find something to lean on.

  • Press your hands together (like you do when you pray) so you can feel right pushing on left and left pushing on right .. feel the conflict ..
  • Follow the conflict up the tension in your arms and shoulders, across your chest and back until you find a space where there is no tension
  • It is also in the center of the space between the palms of your hands (and
    by the way, this is the origin of the hands together praying/position)
  • At the same time you are doing this, place the soles of your feet together so
    that right pushes on left, left pushes on right .. exactly as you did with
    hands ..

The Space between the in breath and the outbreath

You may have learned many techniques for breathing .. some of you may be familiar with this, some may not ..

At the point where the tide turns, at the point where the waves turn ..
In the gap between the in breath and the out breath is the space of all potential ..
where everything has dissolved into nothing,
and at the same time, that nothing is ready to pour into everything ..
the 'in' comes to 'full' ..
the "full" moves to 'out' .. 
the 'out' moves 'empty'...
the 'empty'moves to 'in' ..
'full' ..'empty'...'full'....'empty'  ..
the space of non movement ..
of the no-thing that contains everything ..
the emptiness that is full, the fullness that is empty ..

Truth and Balance is the inter penetration of all pairs of opposites .. Beyond Mind there is No Conflict .. This is the space between the in breath and the out breath ..

The act of breathing

As you breathe through the nose and the mouth at the same time .. you might find that a sound is generated .. allow your hearing to follow this sound as it can act as a focus for the mind to return to

It is also possible that a tone or series of tones may spontaneously arise as you go through this .. you shouldn't look for them, but if they come up, allow them to be given whatever voice is necessary.

Allow your tongue to gently touch the roof of your mouth as far back as it will comfortably go .. on the soft palate if possible.

The breath may start to sound like (and you can start by pronouncing)
YH..WH .. Bud..Da .. So..Ham .. ..  Za..Zen .. Al..Lah .. Ain..Soph ..  and all of these "words" are the phonetic for the sound of the breath. Each Breath Cycle is "timed" on the ratio of 7 (in) > 1 (full) > 7 (out) > 7 (empty) > 7 (in etc)  ..

in on "YH" .. for 7
a space of 1
out on "WH" .. for 7
a space of 1
in on "YH" .. for 7
a space of 1
out on "WH" .. for 7
a space of 1

This can be done in two ways .. each count is a single heart beat. If you cannot hear (or feel) your heart then a very close approximation is to count 'one hundred one', 'one hundred two', 'one hundred three' etc ..

This will have the effect of slowing the brain waves down .. and slowing a racing heart ..  bringing the blood flow rate closer into alignment with the Schumann Resonance and the frequency of the main Aorta. As you become familiar with the exercise, the body will take over the breathing.

This breathing may start to move through your whole body, and it is possible to start to experience that it is not just your lungs that are breathing, but that the pores of the skin feel like they are breathing .. and so it progresses, just watch, and allow whatever happens ..


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"Finding the Essence of the Breath that is You"
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