You cannot access or release the stored memories within the physical body unless and until you recognize firstly that you have a physical body .. and secondly .. that it is OK for that body to have memories.

Self Acceptance of the bodyThe Body Exercise

The following sequence can be the start of a process to allow the body to release some of the stored emotions and emotional memories from the body. It is also a very effective balancing and grounding exercise - especially for some of the side effects of Kundalini

Filling in the emptiness

I would suggest that this sequence could be repeated a number of times so your body (and your mind) can become familiar with the positions before you move into any other exercises on this site. This is also a good practice as a Self Help for calming down or centering yourself.

(sunrise and sunset are the most powerful energy times for 'healing').

The whole process which follows can be used to good effect at any time with any other issue you wish to work with.. or just for balancing the body.

» The Touch Points on the body 
» The exercise process (instructions) 



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