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The Body Exercise: How to do it.

The Breath Process

During the exercise, I suggest that you "hold" or focus your touch on each point for a series of 3 breath cycles or 7 breath cycles. Each Breath Cycle is "timed" on the ratio of 7 (in) > 1 (full) > 7 (out) > 7 (empty) > 7 (in etc) ....

Hands on the point(s)
    breathe in for 7
    a space of 1
    breathe out for 7
    in the next space of 1, move to the next point
    breathe in for 7

This can be done in two ways …each count is a single heart beat. If you cannot hear (or feel) your heart then a very close approximation is to count 'one hundred one', 'one hundred two', 'one hundred three' etc ...

This will have the effect of slowing the brain waves down .. and slowing a racing heart …bringing the blood flow rate closer into alignment with the Schumann Resonance and the frequency of the main Aorta.

When you transfer your hands from one point to the next, you can do this on either the full or empty 'one count' - it doesn't matter really …and then the '7 count' continues.

A Simple Familiarity Exercise

(which is very important for those who have physical scars resulting from injury or surgery)hand positions

You will need to bring the (extended) fingers of each hand together so that the thumb lies in a cradle formed by the other four fingers.

Sitting with feet so that the soles of the feet are touching .. it is important to follow the breath and nothing else whilst doing this …if thoughts arise, thank them give them permission to leave .. and return to the space between the breaths.

Place both hands together in the centre of the Hara (Point 2-14), hold for as long as you feel to, then starting with the left hand first (and leaving the right hand in place), slowly move one hand after the other (left>right>left etc) to each point in sequence. (only one hand should be off the body at any one time)

The idea is to hold each pair of points sequentially (for as long as you feel comfortable) to allow the 'conception meridian' and the 'governing meridian' to complete what some may know as the 'microcosmic orbit' .. whilst keeping the energy firmly anchored in the body with the feet together.

At the end of the circuit, both hands should come together again at the hara (point 2-14)

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