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Touch Points for the Body Exercise

The points that I will use for this exercise are as follows (in this order).

  1. Between the soles of the feet
  2. The Hara, your power centre, the womb .. a point (for the purpose of this exercise) midway between the navel and the top of the pubic bone. Body Touch Points
  3. Between your legs .. the focus is a point in the centre of the muscle between the genitals and the anus (in acupuncture, C1 or conception point 1) in the centre of the perineum muscle.
  4. The tip of the coccyx (tail bone)
  5. The centre of the Sacrum …the triangular bone formation between the hips at the back .. in line with the top of the buttocks.
  6. A point in the centre of the spine above the waist …about level with a line drawn across the base of the rib cage at the back .. on the spine between 23's
  7. T1 .. the large vertebrae at the base of your neck in line with the top of your shoulders .. on the spine between 12's
  8. The Back of the skull at the top of the neck .. between 4's
  9. The Top of the Head .. Crown
  10. The third eye …centre of the fore head .. just above and between the eyebrows
  11. The V in the breast bone at the base of the throat .. between 22's
  12. The bottom point of the sternum .. the V in the bottom of the rib cage at the front
  13. The Navel
  14. Returning to the Hara

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