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Memories of birth and your first breath

In order to be able to access your birth and conception issues, it is virtually necessary to access the information stored in your body concerning the first breath you ever took.

This information is held in your body by the "freezing" .. mis-alignment .. subluxation .. of the spinal vertebrae known as T1, T2 and T2.

T1 is the big bump at the top of the spine and the base of the neck. T2 is the vertebrae below it. T3 particularly manifests in later life as what is known as the "Dowager's Hump".


Your main cardio-pulmonary nerve exits the spinal column between T1, T2 and T3 .. so any trauma stored in these vertebrae is going to affect the nerve responses to and from both the heart and the lungs.

This nerve also governs the functioning of the Thymus, Larynx, Trachea and Bronchi .. thus affecting your breathing, your verbal expression, your swallowing and the mucous that builds up in the throat.

Source of the Damage

There is a very high probability of trauma being stored in T1 and T2 from being held upside down and belted on the bottom to make you breathe.

If you had to be pulled out of your mother's womb in any manner because she "froze", then any twisting of the neck by pulling on the head if you were in any way stuck in the shoulders will traumatise T1, T2 and T3. The use of forceps etc (and some of the other prehistoric instruments of fetal torture) will store this trauma both here and in the neck.

Your Process

If there is trauma stored here concerning your birth or your first breath, then you may not be able to access the birth/conception memories until/unless the memories of this trauma are released.

However, subsequent occasions where you "stop" your breath will build up onto the first breath memory and may need to be worked with first. This sort of thing can occur from "going unconscious" for any reason.

It is physically impossible to get out of your mind and into your body or to access your heart intelligence if this blockage exists in the base of your neck.

As the memories stored here are from very early in your life, there will be no words or language to describe the process or the experience.

Other symptoms.

The lower reflex point is the centre of the sacrum, S3, where the relationship with the world is stored. The nerves coming from here will affect both your sexuality and the way you digest food - either metaphorically or physically.

This point also governs the whole body elimination function - so, if you are holding on to your shit, metaphorically, then it may well be because you have trauma stored in T1, T2 and T3

The upper reflex point is the base of the skull - where the skull joins the neck at the Atlas .. good headaches, runny nose, eye problems ..


So .. you can see that a good yank when you were born can set you on the path to a whole lot of physical problems and disease which exacerbates with age.

The Release.

  • Warning .. this release can result in a lot of distress as symptoms come up from the body - along with all of the emotions repressed in the areas above mentioned.
  • It can be beneficial to go to a chiropractor, osteopath, get a massage to shift or loosen the area .. BUT .. there will be no permanent release unless all of the other areas are considered and worked with as well. 
  • It is not something that you can do once - and think its fixed.

What you can do for yourself

Located under each armpit is a release point .. its on the midline of each side of the body as high up under the armpit as you can get.

What you have to do is make like you have wings .. elbows out to your sides and arms and hands parallel to the floor with your fingers extended across your chest with the forefinger against the rib cage .

Press gently on the points (it could be quite sore) with your thumbs and hold this position for a 10-15 minute meditation .. during which your mind should focus only on the sound your breath makes as you breathe.

If any thoughts arise, return to the breath after thanking the thought or emotion for coming to your awareness.

Initially, this should be done 2x day for 5-7 days .. and after a rest period of a few days, repeated. I personally have done this exercise once a week for the last 3 years and I still do it .. and more comes up each time .. because the patterns here have been handed down for generations.

  • If you are not sure about doing this exercise, you are welcome to write to me via the discussion forum
  • Do not attempt to put thoughts or words around any experience you may have from this exercise - especially as the new born hadn't learned any by the time it was born
  • You can experience the effects of this release almost anywhere in your body - there may be burning sensations, freezing cold, an itch on the surface of the body or even just below the skin. If you are unsure of what you are experiencing, stop immediately.
  • If you already have Heart problems of any sort, then you should not do this exercise without having your heart condition checked and continually monitored by a competent medical professional.
  • As written, this is a Self-Help exercise. You should NOT, as a therapist (or for any other reason) attempt to do this release on another person. The therapy version to achieve this sort of release is VERY different.

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