The Spiritual Notebooks of a Plain Man 


Spirituality is the essence of your beingness ... 
and enlightenment is your birthright
beyond everything you have been told you should believe
and what you should do, should not do or should become

A Plain Man's inner sights
on Spirit and Spirituality

SPIRITUALITY is not something that is provided ... or learned ... or earned.

The spiritual journey towards 'enlightenment' begins with healing of the unconscious limiting beliefs that risen from the annals of myth and mysticism .. and have been inherited, generation after generation. 

The true spiritual healer cannot heal anybody if he/she has not first undertaken their own inner Spiritual journey.

From The Spiritual Heart of a Plain Man

What if our search for spirituality is based solely on the remembering that,
as children our parents could not accept what they saw when they looked into our infant's eyes ..
and what we are looking for to recover our spirit, the essence of who we were as children, from under layers of parental, society and religious imposed beliefs and conditioning.

Recovery of the Spirit repressed at our birth allows the true action of Spiritual Healing to be without need or regard of outcome, without judgment of right or wrong, without fear or favor ... and without need to act or re-enact some past pattern or belief.

In this web site you will find the tools to develop and maintain your own spiritual healing and growth and information to assist you to understand the many dimensions of your spirituality



Insights on Spirit and Spirituality from the Spiritual Heart of a Plain Man