the Unknowable:
Spiritual Pilgrimage, Unknown, Unknowablea Spiritual Pilgrimage

You are an expression of Life - there is no other. The vessel that you are, flowing with the open continuum of silence. You can move freely and initialize freely all that exists ...

exploring your potential as a Hu-Man Be-Ing.

The Transpersonal or Spiritual Pilgrimage is intellectually unknowable, because to journey is to do, and to know is to separate yourself from that which you already are .. which is what you are looking for .. and that which is looking

The Transpersonal or Spiritual Pilgrimage

From the Void came Light, so that all was Light,
and the Void no longer existed.

From Light came Thought,
and from Thought was created the Species.

And the Species turned in on itself forming a Helix
so that it would be forever looped in its own pattern,
a repetition never to be allowed to move forward.

But now, the Helix breaks - a change extends,
the forging of new links is permitted -

Hu-mankind is now encouraged to move forward.

And how is the Helix broken?
Through force of Light Unknown, through Force of Love Unknown,
a continual process of Life refinement.

You stand as your own master.

You are an expression of Life - there is no other - the vessel that you are, flowing with the open continuum of silence. You can move freely and initialize freely all that exists ...

Only when you can stand alone will you find the other seeker ... the childhood of aloneness, the constant inner chatter of the mind, the constant reflection, the need to be with someone and the need to be alone...

The dream that you wake to every day is just that - a dream. The continuum of time is a dream. Dream and thought is the creator of the continuum of illusion. You are the dream, the dreamer, and the act of dreaming. As yet, you have not realized that.

Why hold yourself as less than or greater than, for you hold yourself as you move in the continuum, as you face the other..

The Pattern of Your Life

The pattern of your life is the daily communion (the Union of Communication) with your Self ..

You are both master and pupil ... the true teacher cannot teach you anything but can remind you of everything which, somehow, you already know ...

What you are looking for, you already are and it is that which is seeking expression in you. You have already made the path open. You have created a myriad of pathways through all the seeming chaos.

It is time to allow the channel you are to be fully open, to merge with the total pool of consciousness and move beyond the illusion of self delusion.

To be with one you must first get there alone then converse and then move away again. Neediness is separation.

You limit yourself with your mind, your masks, and attachment to the illusion you call you and your own

One-ness and the Perfect Human

To enter the silence and become one is to strip off all of your masks and then move past the factors of the unconscious illusion, for only in the space of the absolute can you be truly conscious of all of the forces of CHAOS and ORDER.

The perfect human - is mind as a mirror ... a mind that grasps nothing, refuses nothing, receives but does not retain. Thus can you live a spiritual life in triumph over your surroundings without self injury.

When you are able to attract the Light from within,
you become the Flame itself ...

Then, wherever you go,
you are not carrying the burden of the body,
you are carrying the Torch of the Heart ...
When you become the Light Itself,
Only then, is there no shadow.

"Exploring your potential as a Hu-Man Be-ing: a spiritual pilgrimage into the unknowable" was written, published and copyright by Transpersonal Lifestreams, Hobart, Tasmania. The url of this page is https://anunda.com/spiritual-pilgrimage.htm and it was updated May, 2005


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