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Life, Death and Rebirth

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  • There is a time to live, there is a time to die,
    there is a time to let go, a time to allow to be,
    and a time to remember.


As Spring balances Autumn,
so grief balances joy,
for from Death comes Life,
the Eternal Pattern
woven on the Loom of the Soul.

Your right it is to set new pattern .. the deathless sphere of Love.
The Courage of the Supreme Guardian, the essence of your beingness will take the form of your being ... if You will but allow.

The reason you must face death ... is because you must encompass it. In becoming death you overcome it and the fear you have of it.

You have died before, many, many times. Now you may die in consciousness to be reborn in consciousness, never to see the face of death again, until you choose.

You can be Consciously Reborn

In this way, you will be preparing the way for your children and your children's children to come into a very different world from the one you are now experiencing. You will be able to provide for a world without conflict, without disease, an idyllic world where unconditional Love and respect of self and other are the only rules.

So judge not the seeming differences that exist between you and the others at the moment. Judge not the differing ways in which you approach each situation that presents itself, for all is the learning, all is the growing. For every birth there must be a death. You are partaking in the birth of a new spirit of cooperative, so the death of separation, the death of individual and society is prerequisite.

The Joy of Death

That death can be either conscious or unconscious. If you choose consciously to let go of all of the past society conditioning, then can you freely embark on the journey to birth.

Remember that birth does not necessarily involve pain and trauma, for that is a belief that you have been conditioned to by your past experiences. Have you not looked on the birth of a new day, on the birth of a flower, on the birth of a bird, or of an animal? Do you see trauma in these? So too, the rebirth of the co-operative you can be a thing of beauty and joy, if only you can let go of, or die to, the idea that birth is painful.

Death is release from a past where purpose has been fulfilled.

Again, your society has, through needs, defined the word death as something to mourn, something to be afraid of. Is there not beauty as the day dies into night to be reborn into a new day? Is there not beauty as the flower dies to provide the seed that will give birth to the new bush full of flowers?

Death can be a joyous transition to a future peace, joy and happiness.

If you can die consciously to all of the ideas that you have as to what life is all about, then you can await with joy the rebirth of a new life that will only be limited by the ideas and preconceptions you have not died to.

For you to be reading this, there has already been a fertilisation, a conception. There will be a time of germination, a time spent in darkness of night where the bird to be lies within the egg, where the seed lies within the soil, where the infant lies within the womb. It is during this time that there is need for nurturing of the mother, care of the egg, preparation of the soil, for the strength of the new born is directly related to the care and nurturing that is applied.

It will be a time of contribution of dreams, a time of contribution of gentleness, a time of contribution of Love, and a time of faith that the infant will be born healthy and full of Life.

It remains for you who are reading this to listen to the Truth of you. There is a choice for you to make, that ultimately is a choice between failure of the past, (if you see it as failure), and your future which is the future of all of Mankind.

There is a choice for you to accept the truth of these words and whether you can find Your Truth in these words.

If you can, then these words are, in reality, your Greater Wisdom talking to you. If these words are your Truth, then there will be situations coming to you every moment of your life from now on that will remind you of this Truth.

My Love, my Life, at last I have found You.

I open my eyes, I look to your face
and I see my Love, my Life, my Self.

I see a double image, my face reflected,
Myself reflected in the pupil of My eye.

I have found what so many search for.

I am not afraid to look at My Love,
I am not afraid to look at My Life.

What greater gift can anyone give to the world
than acceptance of Self?
For only when you can accept the Self
can you accept others as they truly are.

Remember and learn to give to the World
the only gift you have to give ...

In order to give it, you must first find it.

YOU can make a difference

One candle can not brightly illumine a room, but many lighted candles can. So the more of you that can shed your light onto a group, the more brightly can shine the light of the group. The more groups that shine their lights, the brighter dawns the future of Humanity.

It is the responsibly of each and every human to know that each of you can make a difference to the whole.

One candle power is greater than no candle power. So the responsibility lies with each, first to recognise that you can contribute, and then to allow that contribution to shine as brightly as possible for the greater illumination of all.

You do count, you are needed. Your contribution, your idea, your talent, your gift, no matter how seeming insignificant to you, may be the missing thread that is needed to complete the weave.

There is one more lifetime. That is the lifetime of I,

Where there is no act of being.
Where there no just or only existence.

I, the summary of all human endeavour,
I, the summary of all human struggle.

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