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On The Purpose of Spiritual Life

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  • You pause for breath not to live, but for Life. But to live you must first Breathe for Life. Breath is the carrier of Life. If you breathe to live you have missed the basic step. As a baby who stands without first crawling you will fall.
  • To Breathe for Life is to experience being. To live to breathe to live, is to experience doing and most are too busy doing and forget to be. So Breathe for Life then learn to live.


Now is the time to breathe, to take the breath of life which is your right, to use the breath to flow and to move. To shine out across a darkened world, to light a darkened universe. Yours is the light of the world, this is the purpose of your being, of your soul divine.

You are here on earth to experience all that the earthly life can give, and that is much. You were born an experiential being and yet you deny that state of being and move as if half asleep creating a nightmare for yourself when you are the dreamer of your life and can create as you dream. Become aware that it is not the power of the experience that is a danger to your being but rather the attachment to the experience.

When you feel joyous, experience joy to the very core of your being. When you are sad weep as you have not wept before, allow that you were born to experience these things and it is only attachment to the experience and the physical feelings that will hold you trapped on the earth plain.

Become fully aware of all that you are of all that you can experience in human form, see beyond the limitation that have been given to you by the society in which you find yourself this life time. To use your life to the fullest is to fulfil the agreement of taking human form.

Accept humanity for what it is, accept humanity is the stepping experience towards the God that is being realised within the truth of you. You yourself know that you are not only your body. When you are ill do you not say "oh my body aches, my body feels terrible, my body is in so much pain," your body as you speak is your possession, it is not the total of your being.

When you feel happy and full of well being, do you not say "I feel happy, I am well," in these statements there is no separation between the state of well being and happiness and the wholeness of you.

Wellness and wholeness are your natural state and part of you knows and recognises this and displays it in your language and your subtle connections to the world of wholeness and to the world of earthly pain.

You unconsciously speak the words of inner truth. You are your own teacher, your own guru. The voice that speaks within the heart is the only guru that you require. You are an individual and you are as God. Your BECOMING relationship within yourself manifests outwardly in your degree of awareness and of attachment.

Do not become as the man who calls on his God for aid and then turns away from the stranger who offers assistance while in human form. God is in all, God responds to the inner call of God-self and it is we who are mostly blind to the form of God and fail to see the god being in all things.

The God being dwells in all things and pervades all space. If you call to God and see him at a distance, it is the distance that you create and perceive that makes it necessary for time to pass before your call is answered. See God in all, see God before you in every space and then shall your call be answered immediately. Allow the god form within to become your guru, to become your inner guiding light, to be your truth and your only truth, so shall you be healed, so shall you become the outward expression of the inner Godhead, individual and at one with all that is.

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