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Know that you have experienced love, True Love, many times. The You who I see is Love. Your ego, the human you is what baulks at Love. You are Love, you are Light

Your Right to True Love

Most of Mankind denies that right. The very essence you are is True Love. A few are beginning to open to the concept of a greater Love within Your-Selves. Take this gift of knowledge. It is your right to know it. As You begin to awaken, you can begin to see the possibilities open to you.

As yet, your ‘True Love’ is like an iceberg mostly hidden beneath a sea of ego. Slowly, as you begin to allow the Light and Love of the ‘inner cell-f’ will fill your being and expand out into the Universe.

The search for Love is coming to an end for those who realize that they themselves are that state of be-ing called Love and that, in Truth there is nothing to search for. There is a growing realization that …

What you are looking for is what You already are.

Mankind has made the error of substituting what he thinks of as true love with wanting and needing to share.

To find, to remember the Love within and allow it to shine and combine with the Light of another is sharing.

To be able to share you must first have something to share. You cannot share a cake without a cake to share.

You cannot share Love without first Loving Your Self.

To Love Yourself is simply to open the Heart to recognize the Love you already are.

It is easy for you to look outward for answers. In so doing, you do not have to face aspects of yourself that you would rather didn’t exist. You might rather become an Ostrich hiding from your own fear of what you see as your imperfections.

True Love, Life and Judgment

To see yourself as full of imperfections is to judge. If you do away with judgment then you do away with fear, for what is there to fear when you accept what you are and that what You are is Love.

You were born to enjoy Life, but You have forgotten what Life is. Life is not a new car, Life is not a full freezer, a new radio, a new television, new carpet or curtains. It is not these things. Life is Joy, Peace and Harmony within the Self.

True Love is Life as the Self .. without need, without longings. It is possible to find, it is possible to attain ...

True Love is finding joy in opening Your eyes in the morning.

True Love is a smile given, knowing it matters not if the smile is returned.

True Love is Joy

There is an abundance of Joy within ... and that is your Truth ... When that joy within is attained, nothing, no-one can ever take it from You unless You give it away. No fire, no flood, no earthquake can remove the Joy that is Your Truth ... It is the greatest gift of ‘Hu-man-ness’ to realize that the humanness of You is only a part, that there is a Greater Self, a Divine Spiritual Soul that You can reach inwardly into and call to Yourself.

This True Love is yours to take and hold and be One with, or Yours to shun and reject.

Awaken to the Beauty of the multi colored Dawn.

Arching ribbons across the sky,
to join the bound standing stone,
deeply grounded, vibrating, the singing stone.

Echoes carry through the Earth songs of awakening harmony,
of woodland petals opening to the first vibration of Life.

Groundsel, anemone, wood violet, reflecting the shades of the multidimensional sky of sound beneath their roots.
Flags of green flying in the turrets of the trees,
responding to the breath of wind song
that carry rising to the heavens
the quivering joy of Rebirth,

The Spring of the green uterus of the Mother,
remade, rekindled from the dying Earth.

The reality of True Love

You could make it ‘real’ and so you could become The Mountain, The Pinnacle the Dancer and The Dance.

Perhaps this is too grand a task for those of you who cover yourselves in limitations. But some there are, who may be seen reckless, weird, and many other adjectives, who have the courage of Heart to take this Path, to cut through the layers of constraints that shroud the Light of their Soul seed.

No journey can ever bring the fulfillment that the Inner Journey can.

No journey can ever find the Strength that is found on this Journey.

No light, no Love can ever be found or given that is brighter than the Light of the Self at The Journey end.

To see the Self in it’s entirety, to feel the Wholeness and Truth of Self is the illumination that can light the Universe.

In finding the True Self there is realization that All is One, that there is no separation of Self from any thing at all.

and That ALL is True Love

Your Right to True Love
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