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The Lost Lives of Man

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  • Learning is an ever constant process.
  • The fluid learning process is eventually refined into awareness and what you now call learning becomes as one with the awareness and the growing.


So today much of humanity is living in a world where the existence of True Spirit is denied, feared, or tied down with the dictates of religion.

Some of you begin to feel that there is more than is apparent to the senses. Some of you begin to realise that greed, wants and needs are the root of all despair. Many leave the so called "real world" and become wanderers and searchers of truth. Their search leads them many paths.

Until they realise that the Truth, the Essence of Light and Love that they seek is within, they shall remain lost.

The Lost Lives of Man are those he has spent searching for the magic elixir, the panacea, the reason for all. Paths that lead hither and yon that provoke the self to look at the Self are not wasted journeys, they are just a circuitous route around the Spiritual Mountain of the Self. Much joy and much frustration may be experienced along the way, but if this you regard as learning, then enjoy the joy, enjoy the frustration.

There is of course another way to approach The Mountain, and that is to climb direct, straight to the Pinnacle and dance the Steps of Life on the summit.

The Spiral of involution

If you will but allow, you may in Wisdom begin to see that there are no limitations to You but those you take and surround yourselves with. These become familiar and comfortable, so your "circle of wholeness" becomes ever smaller and ever more judgmental, your "comfort circle" begins to squeeze you tighter and tighter.

Be kind to yourselves. Be brave and allow that there is more, so very much more. You are but one thread weaving the Universe, yet you may touch and influence many.

Please, I ask of you, step out of your self imposed fortress and begin to see the Truth of You as a functioning part of a Universal Whole.

From your own Soul comes the answers to your questions for in Oneness there can be no questions. For Oneness is the Whole containing All where all questions are balanced with all answers. In time of question become the Whole and pair the answer existing with the question you would ask. Then can all be made plain.

Man created the complexity

It is Man who makes the world a series of complexities. It is the cloak of humanness that creates doubts. The Creator exists in a supreme world that You judged was not Your place to dwell, so you took on human form and the Consciousness of the Ages of Man.

It is this form of consciousness that weighs you down. Do you think that Man was first created so? It is not the truth. Man was created Whole and given senses to experience a different way of being. These senses, though in themselves good and whole, Man turned into rods with which to create the framework of greed, wants and needs, seeing these as the purpose of life and the measure of his survival..

Instead of remembering his Wholeness of Spirit, Man chose a form of tunnel vision to satiate his sensual desires. He turned his back on the Truth of his Spiritual Nature and became more and more human, each generation forgetting a little more and indulging the physical senses a little more.

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