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  • Learning is an ever constant process. The fluid learning process is eventually refined into awareness and what you now call learning becomes as one with the awareness and the growing.


When you look on learning as coming from outside the Self there is a separation, a boundary that limits the ever present Knowing that is part of your human condition. Society beliefs, the education system and your own experiences with Life have judged that walls and boundaries are created and this knowing, this inner tuition is then closed off or shut out. Education from books, films and the microchip have been seen to become the only valid forms of learning.

This notion, which has only come into being within the last two to three hundred years, is not learning but rather a dissemination of knowledge. Indeed it is useful, but the True Learning comes from within the Self and is intrinsic within your very nature.

Of all those you know, how many grandparents and great grandparents were even able to read and to write? Yet their survival and their Wisdom were passed on to you. So do not shut out the Wisdom that is part of You by denying that any other than book or microchip learning is valid.

Most people recognise only society truths, family truths, peer group truths. Some spend their whole lifetime in search of truth, walking various paths, looking through documents, records or finding correlation between groups and societies.

But these are group truths and society truths. They have been manufactured by others and are controlled by such. They are not Your Truths. Your Truths lie deep within and only You can find them.

There is Truth in All,

It is the seed in the child, in the tree, in the shoes on your feet. All have a place and a reason for existence. You, who dwell in the material world, may not be able to see the reasoning, the Truth of each so how in the name of the One Who Sees All can you see the truth of who you are?

You in mortal form, wrapped in the blankets of ego and small world self cannot. You surround yourself with high walls that you have made so as to shut yourselves off from the task of looking for the Truth of You.

But these walls are built on foundations that come from generations past. They, in reality, are not your walls. Until you strip yourselves of wrappings and swaddling cloths and stand and look at the Naked Truth of Your-Selves, you cannot see the Truth of others, you cannot even see the Truth of one flower petal for you are blind to all but what you can see with the physical eye.

The physical world is but the most dense of all of the vibrations of energy. It is the furthermost end of the energy scale. Until this realization becomes your Truth, you shall remain blind in your limitations.

In your blindness, you take it upon yourselves to judge. You judge all around you, and most of all you judge yourselves. All judgment is based on separation and all separation is a form of limitation.

There is an inner knowing in much that you do.

You have heard about and are in part familiar with your intuition (or inner tuition) which is sometimes referred to as your sixth sense. How often do you stop the process of allowing this Inner Knowing to take full reign? How often does some part of you jump in before the thoughts that arise from the knowing are given word or action? Inside you is the All Knowing self and also inside you is the all censoring self.

It is past. The path of censoring and limitation is no longer valid for the progressive human. You, in your Inner Wisdom decided that for your growth and evolution, you were to take part in this time of great change. This is the reason that you are incarnate, that you were born to live here on Earth at this point in time.

To be true to yourself and to realise your full potential, you should, if you have not already done so, begin to allow your Inner Knowing, the Inner Wisdom that is part of you to flourish and to grow, for it can tell you all things. The Inner You is not bound or limited by all the ties that you place on your Earthly self. Your Inner Self is in contact with the Universal You, the You that is so much more than the physical being that you see in the mirror.

Please, I who AM of the Universal Self entreat you to allow, for then shall we be recognised as One. We are as One already. It is only from you that the recognition is to come for you to experience the joy of Communion with the Whole.

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