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A Spiritual Journey to Enlightenment

A Plain Man's Remembering

Spiritual Enlightenment is your Birthrite .. Spirituality is the essence of your being ... beyond everything you have been told you should believe and what you 'should do', 'should not do' or 'should become'

Spirituality is your realization of the Universal Truth and the experience of Bliss, an opportunity to realize the consciousness of a Supreme Reality.

In reality, religion and spirituality are the same. Spirituality is at the core of all religions. However, all religions have forgotten this core and fiction seems to have replaced fact. Religion has come to mean 'blind organized faith' and has become dogmatic and fundamentalistic in its views.

Spirituality is one-on-one communication with the Divine, the Essence of your Being without the influence of any religion, religious organization or a set of dogma based views. It is based more on personal experiences rather than the experiences of others.

The spiritual journey towards enlightenment begins with healing of the unconscious beliefs that have been learned .. and inherited.

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A Journey into the Remembering of Who you really are

In this web site you will find the tools to develop and maintain your spiritual healing and growth
and to understand, beyond the doctrine and dogma of religion, the dimensions of your own spirituality
anunda - the spirit and the spiritual

Spiritual Enlightenment is your Birthrite .. Spirituality, the essence of your being, personal communication with the Divine without influence of religion,
religious organization or dogma based view .. realization of Universal Truth and experience of Bliss, the consciousness of a Supreme Reality