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From the Heart of a Plain Man

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I AM, your Spiritual Heart.
As a Pansy flower turns its face to the Spiritual Sun,
your heart can grow and move with the wind.
Yet still, at the end of the storm, the pansy flower
will remain with its Heart open to the light of the Sun.
So shall your heart be.


the pulse that throbs in every being.
Heaven and Earth know not my boundaries.
I AM energy, I AM all that is.

You do not exist as you,
You are merely a fragment of I.

Only when Man learns to disassociate from 'you',
can he realise the potential of I.

It brings to reason that
Man is but an energy shadow of who he sees as Self.

In Spirit, there exists no shadow,
Yet as Light to a shadow,
is best that can describe a state of being.

So fond is Man of intellectualising, that words blur vision
so that eyes (I's) remain closed.

Where is your Heart?

Your Heart is the Living Centre of you. It is not the mere beating of your physical heart that gives you life. The Heart is the seed, the impetus, the driving force that is the Earthly expression of you. This seed atom is also contained at the very centre of all things.

Why do you look in a medical text and see there flesh and blood and think that this is the extent of your Heart?

For growth, you need to remove the known and historical facts that limit the Heart concept. There is need to redefine 'Heart', to see with a new scope, with greater clarity, the expanding sense of who you are and what you are yet to become.

By your very act of seeing boundaries or limitations to the Heart and to yourself, you are in form setting the vibration of limitation, acting and altering the You who is Truth. In reality, the full and expansive You can be held in the palm of Your hand or stretched across the Milky Way.

There may be part of you that would argue that You cannot be held in the palm of Your own hand. Again in so doing you are setting limitations.

There is part of you that is human as you see in the mirror, but there is part of you that is also Universal. It is now time for you to recognise and admit to this inner seed and find a balance that will remove limitations and allow to continue the growth process that has begun.

The Heart Seed is contained in all

All the Physical world is Self, all the Spirit world is Self. The Universal Consciousness can begin to flower and shed Radiant Light, bringing warmth to others who seek, giving courage to others to begin the trek up to the Mountains summit.

This is the greatest gift that can be shared by Man with Man, for in so doing the bonds that have held Man earthbound for time upon time can be erased and the True Spirit of existence be found, recognised and made Truth. Then can evolution begin the Path to true Ascension.

You do well to listen to your Heart for that is how guidance is established. Your mind is given to you to act as interpreter for the Heart, not to think on its own.

The Mind as an instrument of the Heart is a valid thing, for there is a balance between the two. This you will learn to maintain. Maintain the circle you have around you for its components are of Light.

Unification must first take place within the individual, then within the group, then within a society, a country and the whole of Hu-man-ity. There is time, the Universe will wait.

However, each must first begin to bring about Unification of self with Self, learning from the Heart Seed within.

There is no joy but the joy you create.
There is no Love but the Love that you are.
There is no Heart except Your Heart
that beats the rhythm of Life ...
the rhythm of Joy ... the rhythm of Love.

Issue forth from a true Heart, a noble Heart,
a Heart given in service to the full realisation of Self,
The Divine Creator Within.

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