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The Winds of Change

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  • Yes, you can fly.
    The bird you are, the beating of your wings
    creates the breeze on which the world turns.


The winds of change are blowing. One moment there can be gentle zephyr, at another a blistering gale. Each person has absolute choice and control of the movement they will experience. For you, which will it be?

The reason you are experiencing restlessness and uncertainty at this time, whether you consciously realise it or not, is for the future. This future is for you, your children and your children's children.

Evolution will continue.

There is a vibration that is set within the Universe, and consciously or unconsciously, people are responding to a call that comes from a Greater Knowing. It is a vibration not only for the people, but for the Planet. Not only for the planet, but for the whole known Universe and beyond.

You are challenging yourself to break free from the past in such a way that society and it's dictates will no longer confine you as they have done. This is about you discovering your own personal power , your integrity and the Truth of you. It is about discovering that you are important and do count. It is about working co-operatively with others. It is about a future life where there is no fear. It is about a future based on Unconditional Love.

A time for change

The time is fast approaching when the dreams and nightmares of past generations will break apart because, in the past, people sought the meaning of life outside themselves. This has led, through the development of Science and Technology to wars, conflict, droughts and famine. Science and technology have caused life to speed up faster and faster, so that now, people are crying out 'stop' for they feel left behind, powerless, alone, insignificant and in many cases unworthy. Within science and technology is a need to separate, a need to analyse.

The need to understand has increased Man's separation from fellow Man. The need to observe and to measure has stifled feeling and intuition.

There is no judgment that science and technology are 'bad'. There have been many developments that have led you to experience some of the wonders of Creation in a manner which would have not otherwise been possible. There has been a great increase in communication with cultures and societies being brought closer together. There has been an increase in understanding. Yet this coming together has only served to accentuate differences.

There those within Humanity who have used these very same Sciences to seek and gain power over others. These Sciences , like all things taken out of context, have accentuated separation. Sometimes, this has been a separation between those who have and those who have not. Sometimes, in fact most of the time, it is a separation between you and everything else, including Life itself. This is the cause of all dis-ease and dis-harmony.

Mistakenly perhaps, you have fallen into this pattern without realising your own power to have and the equality of all. You have forgotten how much control you do have over your life. Money has been worshipped as a God, rather than as a form of energy. Money is seen by many as a measure of happiness and yet, you have found whether you have money or not you are never at peace. Money has been seen as the end of the pursuit, rather than as just one means or one energy to achieve that end.

It is possible for you to continue work within the Society system if you wish, while at the same time working towards a sustainable alternative, for that alternative lies within your own Self. To be alternate does not mean dropping out of the system, although there will be those amongst you who will want to do this for they are driven on by a pioneering spirit to start to set up an alternative lifestyle which others can follow.

Within you, there is a wealth of untapped raw potential that needs to be nurtured and developed.

You are Earths greatest natural resource

Why is it that Man is given to consider more what he lacks than the bounty of what he has? If you were to consider all of the process that is needed to weave a beautiful tapestry from the rawest of materials, maybe then you can visualise the process that is continuing to weave the future, your future, from what you have at the moment, from what was the past.

The greatest raw material, the greatest asset that you have which you can contribute at the moment is your Self.

As with the tapestry, the quality and the beauty of the whole depends on the purity, the refinement, the lustrous brilliance of the individual thread. Only then is it up to the skill of the weaver and the quality of the loom to weave the end product. Have you not seen those materials which shimmer with seeming different colours as they flow with the wind before your gaze?

This is your involvement in the evolutionary process. Know that the groundwork you put in now, the work that you do on yourself and the manner in which you work together with others is what is going to count. Only quality materials have the endurance to last through time.

So you might say, 'What happens when it is all completed? What will I do?'

There is an old saying -

'Before enlightenment I chopped wood and carried water. After enlightenment, I chop wood and carry water - consciously.'

Evolution is never complete.

What you are embarking on is an ongoing process, but the answer to those questions are very simple. You will be Alive. Not the partaking of life that is the present definition of alive, but you will be Alive in the sense that you will be filled with Aliveness. There will be no need for you to do anything, because you will have no need.

You will continue to be and enjoy life, not wanting anything or needing for anything, while all of the time discovering the greatness of you and sharing your discovering and your greatness with all around you because that is something you will want to do.

In that experience, you will have discovered the real purpose of why you are here on Earth and that it differs from the preconceptions that you have now, the definitions that have been taught to you by the very society that your own inner knowing is telling you to get out of.

Once you have been to the top of the mountain and seen the view, you can return to the valleys and say to others

'Yes, there is a way, a path to the top of the mountain. Yes, there is a view that is more encompassing than what can be seen down here. Yes, it is possible to see how this small patch of ground fits into the overall patchwork of the landscape.'

Give full light to Man.
Give full reign to the joy Man is.

Disregard the negative and return to freedom,
to grace, to beauty, to Light.

Remove barriers, hindrances.
Return to the positive.

Remove the negatives,
remove the 'what ifs',
the 'if onlys', the 'why didn't I's?', the 'oh if I could'.
Remove the questions and the regrets.

Replace with 'I can, I have, I AM'.

Replace all with I AM,
for that is All any can ever hope to be, existing in the moment.

To learn contentment of the moment is The Lesson,
the Greatest Lesson,
the Lesson that seems only to come
after lifetimes of study.

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