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  • When you go shopping in the cosmic supermarket,
    and you go to the shelf marked consciousness,
    what brand of Christ or Buddha will you purchase .


Universal Consciousness as
The Can of Soup

I went to the supermarket the other day and looked on the shelves. I wanted a can of soup. In front of me, there was a vast array of different types of soup, different flavours, different brands.

I wanted a simple beef and vegetable soup. There were 12 different brands.

I took a can from each brand down off the shelf and read the label. The first thing I noticed was the advertising hype which told the story as to why I should buy (or trust) one brand over another.

brand A had more 'nutritional value' than the others;
brand B claimed less water and more value for money;
brand C had 20% more beef;
brand D had 20% more carrot;
brand F was from an old secret recipe;
brand G had no genetically modified ingredients:
brand H had added vitamins and minerals...

and so the story went on. There was even one brand which claimed 'all natural ingredients'. and one which 'Choice magazine' rated the 'best' (whatever that meant).

A group of women gathered around to give me some well intentioned advice. Very soon there was a yelling match between the lady with a heavy Italian accent, the lady with the German accent, the lady with the French accent and the lady with the English accent.

All I wanted was a simple can of soup.

At this point, I put one can for each brand in the trolley, paid for my purchases (and the price bore a direct relationship with the advertising hype not the stated contents or quantity) and went home to have a closer look.

In to 12 separate bowls I emptied the cans of soup. Some of them looked like my dog's regurgitated breakfast ... particularly the 'choice selected' and none of them looked anything like my mother or grandmother used to cook ... and the ones I was game to taste, I ended up spitting out.

What I ended up doing was going down to the market garden and picking individual fresh vegetables buying the best beef from the butcher and making my own ... which looked and tasted a whole lot better than what was sold as 'canned soup'.

(And I didn't use recipe out of any book ... just what I had remembered from experience .. and what resonated with what my body needed)

When you go shopping in the cosmic supermarket, and you go to the shelf marked consciousness, what brand of Christ or Buddha will you purchase ...

Will it be fresh, natural, and alive with universal breath .... or will it be processed, genetically modified,with artificial ingredients, and laden with preservatives and fillers?

'Grandma's' recipe that she used for me down on the farm from home-grown ingredients and her own experience tasted a whole lot different to what the supermarket sold me as 'grandma's own'

Now, that had Soul

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