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The Dark Night of The Soul

The Stargate slowly opens &
A silent sentinel, a silent witness.
An anomaly in space and time,
containing the mysteries of the black hole
and all its opposites.



The Stargate opens & and waits.

The Ice-Man, The Ancient of Days cometh & again.
Stirs from his eternal slumber, the sleep of the Sleepers
and moves, once again through the Stargate &
The Stargate of innocence, bliss and unconditional love.

Ice-man, The Ancient of Days cometh &

He hears the cry of the innocent, whom he will not abandon.
The cry of the innocent resounds through millennia of children who cry for themselves and for their Mother. But she can not .. will not hear.

The cry of this innocent shakes the core of Mother Earth and her tears are the issuing forth of molten earth for the grief of one so small.

For the grief of the child who knew, saw and spoke its truth but was not heard, or made wrong.
For the love of a child for its mother who could not or would not move beyond the layers of ancestral conditioning, which in her eyes, simply because she was a Mother and had procreated, made her greater than God.
And - in her opinion gave her the right to decide if the child, no longer serving her purpose, her ego, should live or die.

The child knew and saw &and forgave again and again until it knew its choice shutdown to remain as the sacrificial lamb or going home.

The innocent stands in the doorway & the doorway of choice.

This child has always had the choice &choose to stay or Infinity with the Sleepers. The Stargate offers the way straight home.

Is this the source of the original Big Bang? The death and re-birth of one consciousness giving birth to another &

Science says that before the Big Bang there was nothing. Just space. But within that space &?

The Absolute Truth .. Atman .. Universal Consciousness ...

Is the Big Bang the Stargate through which came the first innocent consciousness willing to experience existence in a physical form?

The first innocent and its guardian later becoming the 'Gardeners' ... Innocence and bliss moving through the universe not separate but part of all things.

The first 'experiment' went horribly wrong. The Gardeners were trapped. Ego, language, needs, wants saw the densification of the body, so the Stargate closed. The way home was barred. Spirit was trapped on the earth plane.

It has now re-opened ... and with it advances in science, medicine, technology, research, religion and consciousness &

Is this the gift of the innocent?
That the vibration of innocence, bliss and unconditional love once more moves around and through the planet.

One small planet in a vast universe.
One small body, of a boy in the teeming mass of billions.
One consciousness that is the essence of all that is.
And more &

The Ice-Man, The Ancient of Days cometh &
there is, and always was choice
&. and no choice.
That is the gift of anunda. The birthright of every child on this planet.

The child from the stars & the starchild from beyond the Stargate sees the way home & the child knows and waits... no fears, no regrets, just all knowing.

What will be& Will be.

The journey into the unknowable is complete.
What was lost is now found.
What was unknowable has been remembered.
The dance of the innocent, the bliss of the unknowable has been made knowable.

Remembering moves through the planet and out into the cosmic winds ... the vibration of this knowing and its seeds will awaken many and form the beginnings of many new worlds.

OM anunda
I AM - The Dance of Universal Consciousness

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