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The Dark Night of the Soul

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to the first day of the rest of your life

My Love, my Life, at last I have found You.
I open my eyes, I look to your face
and I see my Love, my Life, my Self.

I see a double image, my face reflected,
Myself reflected in the pupil of My eye.
I have found what so many search for

I am not afraid to look at My Love,
I am not afraid to look at My Life.

What greater gift can anyone give to the world
than acceptance of Self?
For only when self can be accepted
can others be accepted for who they truly are ..

Can you remember
and learn to give to the World
the only gift you have to give ...

In order to give it, you must first find it...

General Introduction

A new section of this site for those who are experiencing some sort of mental, physical, emotional or spiritual crisis in their life.

Whilst I do not claim to have all the answers, this information has been of assistance to many in the past and it is time to publish it in a readily accessible format.

Some of the material presented here is being distributed to various mailing lists and discussion groups, and is being supplemented by feedback and input received.


What you will find in this folder
" The Truth is .. I Am. the great power of some mystical or spiritual experience is too much for the mind to grasp. Puzzled and afraid, there is nobody to whom we can tell our experience, nobody to reassure us that the experience is a gift and everybody to offer some advice as a how the experience is wrong and what we should do to correct it
" Stargate The Ice-Man cometh & again ... Stirs from his eternal slumber, the sleep of the Sleepers ... and moves, once again through the Stargate & The Stargate of innocence, bliss and unconditional love
" Beyond the concept of Soul there are no more so-called 'lessons' ... there is no more re-birth, no more re-incarnation out of need unless you choose

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