The Dark Night of the Soul, The Journey Home of the Soul, Kundalini Rising, Spiritual Emergence,Soul Emergence, Spiritual Crisis,
Religious Crisis, Hidden Truth, Schizophrenia, MPD, Multiple Personality Disorder, ADD, ADD(H), Psychospiritual Disease

For Western Spirituality, the understanding of the nature and essence of SOUL is central
to your consciousness of your true spirituality and spiritual nature
and your emergence from ignorance and emptiness to innocence and bliss

The Dark Night of the Soul spiritual emergence

The 'Journey Home'

Spiritual Emergence

The Dark Night of The Soul

Soul Emergence Kundalini Rising An Introduction and Index

A Plain English Guide to the Myths and Mysteries ... and the sometimes Hidden Truth
of the concepts variously labelled by Spirituality and Religion as the Soul, Soul emerging, Soul Awakening
'The Dark Night of the Soul', 'Spiritual Emergence', 'Spiritual Crisis', 'Religious Crisis' 'Kundalini Rising'
This awakening is the Psycho-spiritual root of 'diseases' sometimes labelled by the medical
and psychiatric community as Schizophrenia, Multiple Personality Disorder, ADD, Add(h) etc

A guide as to how your understanding of your own soul
beyond what others would have you believe, can affect your 'journey home'
and some of the physical and psychological and psycho-emotional symptoms you may experience

© - Christopher Wynter, Hobart, Tasmania - July 06, 2000